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Finally a review for the kids with Whiz Racer from Enigma Games for Mac OS!  My daughter was really excited to try this evaluation game out which is an educational game in a racing format.  She LOVED it to say the least.  She's 6 and going into the 1st grade so the upper levels of the game were a bit harder for her but who doesn't love to play a fun game with their kids and learn?!  I know it put my math skills to the test.  Now more about the game…

Even though its a racing game GIRLS can play it too!  With 8 different colors to choose from your guaranteed a perfect match for any personality.  After the perfect selection is made you go on to race against another car.  To beat your opponent you have to correctly answer math questions as quickly as you can.  You are given 10 seconds and 5 multiple choice answers to complete each question, a correct answer increases your speed while and incorrect answer decreases your speed.

There are 10 levels in the game, to complete a level you must have 3 successful races.  Each level gets a little harder and tests different skills from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Once you have mastered all 10 levels in the game you become the Ultimate Whiz Racer!  The best part we found is our progress was automatically saved so we didn't need to do it all in one sitting.  We found it neat that you can tell what difficulty level you're on at the bottom of the screen as well as your best time so you know what to prepare for.

In the paid version you can choose from 5 different tracks, which we weren't able to do in our version but to be honest we didn't even look at the track as we went so I don't think it would make a big deal for us it is all about answering the questions and having fun.  A quote I read from Enigma Games President and CEO, Xavier Moore, shows me that they actually care about kids and want to help:

Our goal was to build a fun and challenging game that was also educational…Due to the declining math scores of our children, it was also an obligation for us to be part of the solution.

It is my understanding that right now the game, Whiz racer, is only available for Android devices and coming soon to iOS, PC, and Mac platforms.  So stay tuned if you have older kids they'd love this especially boys!

My daugther gives this game a 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)/5

Why you might ask?!  She says because it was a bit too hard for a 6 year old but it was still fun, it would be better if I could decorate the car myself and pick a driver.  As a Mom I have to agree the game is a fun way to make kids love math but seemed to be too quick and not enough to bring them back to it other than completing the levels.  Higher levels are a great incentive,  but I've noticed she likes to earn points and stickers and that's what really keeps her motivated.

 This is a sponsored post but all opinions and recommendations are my own!

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