CAT Construction Toys


Another fun gift idea for kids would love to dig in the sand and put themselves in the drivers’ seat of their favorite construction vehicle.  Dustin was thrilled to review the new CAT Little Machines Tough Rigs and Construction Fleet Sand Set.

CAT Construction Toys

This CAT collection offers realistic styling and innovative features that bring the vehicles to life. Dustin was thrilled the hard hat actually fit him because most toy hats made for 2+ are nowhere near fitting a 9-year-old.

Construction Fleet Sand Set ($14.99 SRP)

An assortment for the kid that can’t wait until they’re old enough to step out into the workforce! CAT brings to life a construction in training set. This set comes complete with a sand shovel, rake, hard hat and a 10” free-wheeling machine vehicle. This set also offers a range in three different vehicle types.

Tough Rigs ($19.99 SRP)

When the going gets tough, the tough kids get down to business! This brand-new product release offers four different 15” free-wheeling machine vehicles. These larger-than-life vehicles are sure to please and will make for the ultimate gift. Great for solo and friend play!

cat tough rigs

Little Machines 5-Pack ($5.99 SRP)

Nothing mini about these machines! This five pack comes complete with a Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Wheel loader, Backhoe and Excavator. Children’s imaginations can run wild while switching from each of the different machines. They offer 3” free-wheeling and articulating parts.

Dustin has fun with these year-round, from digging in the backyard to moving snow in the winter.  If you have a kid on your list that loves to dig in the dirt and operate his own construction vehicle these will make the perfect gift this holiday season!

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