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Dustin is back with another video and thoughts about the Really RAD Robots Yakbot.  He even played around with his new green screen, which in all honesty was an epic fail but he wants to keep trying.  A big learning curve for me but it is a fun unit to do as part of his homeschooling.

Back to the Yakbot…this brought back memories for me because when Home Alone 2 came out and he had the Talkboy to record voices and distort or replay everyone wanted one.  Fast forward to today it is a robot toy that you can do many things with one voice.  So let’s take a peek at what the Yakbot does.

Really RAD Robots Yakbot

Really RAD Robots builds robots to suit all your needs. Like YakBot, your back chattin' buddy!

Your back-chattin' YakBot can:

  • Record your voice
  • Warp your voice (4 cool effects – Pitch Shift, Reverse, Robot, Echo)
  • Answer your questions
  • Prank your friends

Built especially for fun and mischief. Really RAD Robots have personality and fun features that kids will love, with none of the boring bits!

Rad Robot Yakbot Talk to Me Bro

Time Blast Prank! Set the timer and surprise your friends! There are 3 Yakbots to collect:

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. White

Product Includes: 1 Yakbot and 2 AAA batteries.  Recommended for ages 5-9 with a retail value of $21.99.  You can purchase the Reall RAD Robots Yakbot at Toys ”R” Us, Walmart, Amazon, and most other major retailers.

If you think the Yakbot is fun you'll love the MiBro!  MiBro's the robot buddy who’s got your back! Take control of MiBro through his Really Rad Remote and play, prank or spy on command!  You can even speak through him, plus his wide range of accessories allow you to practice your skills and blast away your enemies.

Really Rad Robot

Dustin thinks the Yakbot is pretty good.  The recording is a little hard to figure out at first but after you try a few you’ll know what to do.  He recommends this Real RAD Robot for elementary aged kids who like to try out new things and pull pranks.

As a parent, I like the fact that the Yakbot comes with batteries because I never seem to have the right ones on hand.  While Dustin loved playing with it and pranking us I did find he used it a lot and enjoyed the different features.  Just like any toy after you’ve heard it a million times you can easily tune it out but let the kids keep on having fun.


We both think this would make a great gift this holiday season!

What feature do you think your kids would like the most?

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