A Look at Crate Creatures Surprise Flingers


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Dustin is back again with another fun review, this time he took a look at Crate Creatures Surprise Flingers.  He’s been busy testing out some toys for the holiday season and is always surprised to see what is new.  This one was fun even in the box!

Crate Creatures Surprise Flingers

Crate Creatures are fun interactive pets that you need to unleash from their cage to find out which special features they have. All you need to do is pull their tongues, squeeze their bellies or turn them upside down to find out what your creature is capable of. Break into the crate and unleash your new beast friend!

You can collect the whole Crate Creatures Surprise Flingers including:

  • Blizz
  • Croak
  • Sizzle
  • Guano
  • Pudge
  • Tugger
  • Snort Hog
  • Crosseyes
  • Cappa
  • Flea
  • Tenta
  • Stubbs

Batteries are included with your Crate Creature but it is recommended you install fresh batteries before playing with it as the ones included are for in-store demonstration.

Fling ‘Em!

It was watching Dustin fling his Crate Creature into the target!  When you fully open your creature’s crate and place it flat a target is revealed! Move the switch on the back of your Crate Creature to the on position and make sure you have lots of space.

Place your thumb in the divot under the creature’s tongue.  Then, pull the creature backward and fling it like a rubber band toward the target.  Your creature will make monster noises when you pull the tongue and when it lands!

You can purchase Crate Creatures Surprise Flingers at most major retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

Fling the Crate Creatures

Dustin loves the sound the Crate Creature makes and how you can fling it for extra fun and earn points.  He recommends this toy for younger kids aged 4+.

This wasn’t a toy that kept Dustin entertained for long but he did have fun pulling the tongue and tossing him around.  I think the Crate Creatures make a fun gift for a birthday party.

Do you dare open the crate?

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