Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena


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Dustin was thrilled to help bring this post to life for all his fellow hockey fans out there!  It didn’t take long after the package arrived at the door for Dustin to open the Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena.

Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena

This Playmobil set is recommended for ages 5+, contains 71 pieces and makes for a great on-the-go item.  A few of the things Dustin loved about this Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena are:

  • Easy to set up
  • Compact Take Along size at only 20 cm long
  • Hockey players can actually shoot the puck
  • Pick the number on the jerseys

Designed in a convenient take-along case, this set is perfect for on-the-go fun. Simply fold down the front panel to reveal an exciting hockey game. Once the player hits the ice, bring the action to life!

NHL Take Along Arena Contents

Playset includes:

  • Three figures
  • Arena structure
  • Goalie net
  • Side bench
  • Railings
  • First aid kit
  • Play strategies
  • Jersey numbers
  • Hockey and goalie sticks
  • Pucks
  • Dumbbells
  • Other fun hockey accessories

The Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena retails for $59.99 Canadian and can be purchased at most major retailers including Amazon.

Dustin and the Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena

Dustin loves how fun this set is to play with, he can easily pack it up and take it with him wherever he goes. His other Playmobil NHL sets and random zambonies pair perfectly with this Take Along Arena. He loves how the set comes with multiple jersey numbers so he can change his player when he wants.  He likes to pretend he’s the coach and give instructions to the players and of course present the trophy when they win.  He recommends this set for any kids who loves hockey!

You can get some other great Playmobil sets including:

  • Playmobil Country
  • Playmobil NHL
  • Playmobil Ghostbusters
  • Playmobil Dreamworks Dragons
  • Playmobil City Action including a police station that Dustin hopes to get for Christmas this year!

I love how easy the Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena is to clean up.  I haven’t had to ask for it to be cleaned up once, that is a huge win in my books!  He is always packing it around with him so he can play as he watches a show or hangs out with the family.  A huge win in my books for portability and durability.

We both think this Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena would make a great holiday gift!

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