Must Haves for Back to High School


I remember the excitement back to school brought when I was still at home, you know when you didn't have to pay bills and thought having Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle was the must-have for back to school fashion.  Well, those days are gone and now I have an eighth-grader who is headed off to high school.  Let the drama begin!

While I'm thrilled Cheyenne is finding her place in the world and growing up I don't look forward to all the drama that high school tends to bring.  I have a bunch of mixed emotions but I'm happy to have my teen out the door and not laying in bed all day.  On to what I'm here to talk about the must-haves for back to high school!!

1 – School Supplies

Yep, you guessed it – paper, pens, pencils, and binders.  Not much has changed in this department and I suspect the biggest change will be going digital. I'm also thrilled to report that graphing calculators haven't changed since I've had to use one.

Cheyenne loves the idea of the zip-up binders so she can easily put her textbook and other course materials inside, making swapping during break quick and easy.

2 – Locker Fun

This is one thing that has changed immensly since I was in high school.  I had no idea that you needed a boot mat for wet shoes and that shelves and locker mirrors were actually a thing.  What I was most excited about was the pictures she wanted to put in her locker, I have to admit that I might have pressured her into a few but she's going to want to see my goofy smile when she just finished a test, right?!

The new FUJIFILM Instax Mini LiPlay, helped out big time!  It combines instant print with digital technology and attractive never-before-seen features in the Instax mini lineup.  You can use the display screen to capture and print instantly from the camera with the option to customize your photos with a variety of frames and filters OR select and print your images from any Smartphone device.

One of the features we enjoyed was attaching a recorded sound to your photo.  Just scan the QR code to playback your recording!  I know this will come in handy when we are sending Christmas cards this year.  We can record a fun little greeting to send with our picture so it's a little piece of us right in their hands.

FUJIFILM creates quality products that are easy to use.  We've had the Instax SP-2 Printer for almost three years and it is working just like the first day we used it.  The Instax Mini LiPlay will be around just as long because of the added features it will be our go-to when it comes to printing new photos.  I'm sure the kids will both get a lot of use whether it be with their friends or sharing photos.

3 – Cell Phone

Trust me on this one, whether it is for apps or communicating with you this is a must in my books.  We've received numerous emails from teachers this semester recommending apps she can use to help her in class and to stay organized.  It completely replaces the need for an agenda and signing it every day, I won't miss that!

We are lucky enough that the school offers free wifi for students so you could easily have a tablet or other device for your child to use while at school.  Plus you can use the Instax Mini LiPlay with the app so you can remote shoot or print directly from your device.


That sums up our back to school must-haves, the list might be short but it was really simple for high school.  Our homeschool list for Dustin is a little more complicated and lengthy but we thoroughly enjoy learning at home together.

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