HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Review and Giveaway


Sports and technology are two favorites in our house, so I wasn’t surprised when the kids fell in love with HEXBUG Robotic Soccer.  It is a great way to celebrate the World Cup right in your home.  You can customize your robot to match your favorite team.

Even Cheyenne, my tween, enjoyed challenging her brother to a match.  The mix of technology and sports was what drew them in, the competition and challenge of the game are what kept them entertained.

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer

These aren’t your typical bots, these robots are athletes!  The kids quickly caught on to maneuvering their robots to dribble the ball past each other to take a shot on net.  Designed to mimic real-life soccer, this toys unique play pattern taps into sports and competition paired with a little robotics.

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Set

Let’s take a peek at what’s included with this HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set:

  • 2 remote controlled Robotic Soccer Singles
  • 6 different interchangeable tops
  • 3 sticker sheets
  • 2 soccer balls
  • Fold-out game board
  • Batteries included

The kids can customize their robot and create their own soccer tournament.  Each bot uses an encapsulated magnet on a cam powered kicker, this enables the robot to hold onto the ball until the player is ready to kick it into the goal.  HEXBUG Robotic Soccer is recommended for ages 8+ and has an MSRP of $29.99 – $69.99.

Dustin was able to open the box and set up the Arena on his own, he needed a little help with the remote controls.  He also wanted to mention that if you’re playing with a friend make sure you start the second robot in a different room and on a separate channel or you’ll be controlling both robots with the same controller.

This is a great game for the kids, I love how quickly they pick up on how things work.  I have trouble operating the cars, I guess two buttons is past my gaming skills, lol.  Overall a great game that would be a perfect gift for any kid.  The best part?  Batteries are included!!

Soccer Robots

Shoot, score, and the crowd goes wild!

The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena features a realistic fold-out game board, two authentic goal posts, as well as snap-together walls to help in keeping your game contained.  All the fun of soccer is now miniaturized and in your hands!

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with HEXBUG to bring you this fun giveaway.  Get ready to enter an epic soccer venue, with a twist!  Modeled after a real-life soccer stadium where you control the robotic athletes.  The kids will be entertained for hours.

Winner Receives: HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena

Giveaway Open to: Canada, except where prohibited

Ends: July 22, 2018

Good luck!

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