Epic Halloween Decorations with Hue Lighting


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I might be a little last minute when it comes to decorating for Halloween but better late than never, right?!  Now is the time to pick out the perfect costume, decorate the houses, and watch all the spooky flicks.

Creating an Epic Halloween display in your home and yard is easier than you think with the help of Philips Hue Lighting.  With endless possibilities, Philips Hue smart lights can be used in strategic ways to create a frightening atmosphere inside and outside your home.

You can use Hue Lighting for more than Halloween decorations, you can easily control lights from anywhere using your phone and set light schedules for home automation.  That is just a few things you can do, the list is endless from changing light temperatures to syncing with music or films.  You’ll want to check out all the fun options that come with Hue Lighting.

Easily amplify your entertainment with ambient lighting

Whether you’re watching your favorite horror movie or manning the DJ table during your annual Halloween party, the Hue Sync App creates immediate, immersive light scripts based on games, movies or music content being played on the computer, elevating your overall viewing and listening experience.

Hue Halloween

A simple way to a ghastly good time

 The portable and wireless Philips Hue Go is a standalone light you can use anywhere, like inside a Jack- o’-Lantern. Try multiple colors for eerie effects.

Give Trick-or-Treaters the surprise they’ve been waiting for

Want to have the scariest house on the block? Say no more, with the new Hue suite of Outdoor Lighting products, including spotlights and pathway lights to transform the entrance of your home into someplace haunted.

Create a creepy Halloween playlist and sync the lights to match using immersive apps. The Splyce app can mix your haunted music playlist and combine it with light effects using Philips Hue, so that you always have an ambiance to match. The Hue Disco app turns your living room into a sound and light show by syncing Philips Hue bulbs to the beat of the music, even letting you select a strange color theme for extra creepiness.

Philips Hue is available for purchase at Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and most major retailers.

This year, to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, Philips Hue Lighting is showing how you can turn your Halloween from dim to grim.  Don’t forget to use Hue Labs Halloween Living Scenes and third-party apps like Hue Haunted House to create an even spookier All-Hallows Eve.


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