Fart Ninjas


I don’t know about you but to a 9-year-old boy farts are hilarious!  When we found out about the new Fart Ninjas Dustin couldn’t wait to review them.  These little guys are motion activated and make 10 realistic fart noises.

Fart Ninjas! Silent, Butt Deadly!

Fart Ninjas are methane maestros that can really let one rip. Hide these gaseous guys around your home and, when unsuspecting friends or family walk by, they will be ambushed with one of ten rump-ripper sound effects.

fart ninjas

“Butt” the Fart Ninja fun is just getting started! Download the app and you can really make a stink. The app includes:

  • A Fart Mixer to create your own custom fart mixes!
  • A photo booth where you can put your favourite Fart Ninja stickers onto your pictures!
  • An augmented reality experience that puts your fart ninjas into your environment so you can record them!

Fart Ninjas Series 1 is a collection of 8 different collectible features all with fun names. Characters include Dragon Gas, Kung Pi Yew, Sensei Smell, Shadow Ripper, Silent Samurai, StinkFoo, Warrior Burner and Windbreak Warrior.

Retailing at $5.99 for the basic figure and $14.99 for the XL version they would make a fun gift this holiday season!


Be sure to check back for our gift guides that will be out soon!

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