Task Thursday – Try Something New


Happy Task Thursday!!  You're going to say yes this week and try something new!  That's right you are going to get out of your comfort zone and do something you've never done before and you're going to love it!  I have been so wrapped up in working this past week that I have forgot about almost everything so here is a quick video I made as I was headed out the door.

How did you appreciation week go?

  1. Try something new!  Get out of your old comfort zone and do something you haven't done before it can be a little something or a big something just make sure you haven't done it before.
  2. Just say YES!  Trust me you won't be disappointed, leave the cleaning for another day and get outside and have some fun!
  3. Find the time to enjoy the moment and appreciate the fact that you're doing something fun!

As always I would LOVE to hear from you and I’m here to cheer you on and remind you that you are WORTH it!! xo





  1. This Saturday I am going swimming in the Letten river, something I’ve yet to do yet and am kinda scared as I am not the best swimmer. I kinda can’t open my eyes underwater. It will be scary but fun

    Wish me luck

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