Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow!


Remember how I was talking about the secret to being happy?  I had a lot of questions about it so I thought why not keep writing about the same thing because it really make me happy sharing it with all of you.  I hope that in some way this can help you feel better and happier each and every day, life is too short to not enjoy it.  Stop, breathe, and enjoy the read on change your mind an the rest will follow!

Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow!

Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow!

Change has a very negative feeling for most people. On a deep emotional level, we are creatures of comfort, and we automatically seek out that which feels right at the moment.  Once we can comfortably deal with and know all the unknowns we can relax and be in our happy place.

When something becomes comfortable you get used to it as you remove all the unknowns and our automatic behavior and feelings take over again. Our nervous system works primarily by conditioning and by repetition we notice and assume patterns that are consistent.  Your mind is designed to always look for the best way. Through repetition we learn certain orders and sequences in which things happen and we learn to recognize and respond according to these sequences. Every emotion you experience, for instance, is nothing but the result of a series of events and reactions triggered by your unconscious awareness that generates and creates the actual feeling which is nothing but a sensation in your nervous system.

For change to happen we must:

  • become aware of these patterns
  • become aware of what goes on under the surface of our conscious awareness
  • be aware of the fact that there is a part of you that responds and acts automatically based on your past experiences

The challenge is to go from one pattern, one that does not serve you, to one which does.  Doing things differently will feel uncomfortable at first, but you can rest assured that the uncomfortable will become the new comfortable!

Growth means change and change involve risk and risk are the process of stepping from the known to the unknown.

The truth is we are constantly in the process of change. Nothing ever stays the same. It is the nature of all of life. Even if you do nothing life will still change.  You have to consciously put yourself in an uncomfortable place where you can grow and as you do this you progress. Progress is by choice while change is automatic. To be in control of your life you have to consciously choose to change and to keep changing yourself to become the person you want to be.

We have the choice in each and every moment of the decision we make; we are always in control!

All change starts with a shift in mind. You have to start by changing your thoughts about want you want to change. In changing the way, you think about something you immediately change your perception and the way you feel about it. Change your mind and the rest will follow! By accepting change, we are growing as individuals and being true to ourselves.  Accepting change is the best gift we can give to our body, mind, and spirit!

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