Task Thursday – Appreciation


Happy Task Thursday!!  You're going to love this post that was inspired last night as I was ready to pull my hair out…it is all about appreciation!  It is so easy to get down when something just isn't going our way and get to the point of pulling out our hair but if we take a second to change our reaction things could go that much smoother.  Since it is the long weekend I thought that we could all share from my experience tonight of taking a small breather and the chance to reflect on a better time or place!

By the way…did you finish your menu plan?

Here is my quick video this week on appreciation and my thoughts in the middle of the chaos last night, enjoy!

  1. Find something to appreciate every day – even if it is just celebrating something simple!
  2. It is ok to just appreciate in the moment but it has a bigger impact when we take the time to journal it, share it on Facebook or Twitter, tell other people – or leave a comment here!
  3. The more we appreciate and celebrate the more similar moments we attract into our lives.  Next week I'll remind you to reflect and when you notice the difference you'll take the opportunity to appreciate something each and every day!

As always I would LOVE to hear from you and I'm here to cheer you on and remind you that you are WORTH it!! xo

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