My New Favorite Organizing Products!


So awhile back I won this prize pack from The Organization of Moms full of Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery products and have finally got around to using them and they are now my new favourite organizing products!!  I don't know why I waited so long to actually unpack it all and put it to use but now that I have there is no going back!  For me this is one of my things to appreciate this week a clean and organized work area, don't get me wrong I am still surrounded by chaos including little pieces of lego that I seem to step on just right and leaves me hopping across the floor because I think i cut my foot open, but it is nice to sit down and have everything I need within reach!

I have an office in the basement of the house but I can't really use it when I'm home with the kids because they are either asking me to run up and down the stairs to help them or they're in the basement with me getting in trouble.   So slowly most of my daily office stuff migrated upstairs to the dining room, which we actually use as our main table but it is big enough we can have an office at one end.  So it kind of looked like this most of the time:

Then we opened up the boxes and had a little fun:

And my new upstairs office was organized!!  I'm still working on a few things to get it just perfect but for the most part I have everything where I need it just need to use my staples gift card to buy a couple more supplies!!

The magazine holders are pretty amazing because you can get vertical file folders that fit right in them and everything coordinates right down to the binders!!  Don't even get me started on the binders that is a whole post in itself.  These products are truly amazing and everything has been thought out for the busy person who needs to organize their space.  The stack+fit accessories are simply amazing and the best part is you can configure them to work for you.  The bins are really durable and great for storage or wearing on your head.  I use everything down to the sticky notes, sticky note pads, an labels.

I really didn't want to share my before picture of the table because it is a little embarrassing then I thought am I not trying to show these people that I'm real and want them to connect with that?!  So the fight I had back and forth with myself brought you this post!  Watch for more posts coming soon as I learn about the other great products that came in the kit and share my ideas on organizing!  Oh and I can't wait to make a trip to staples to pick up some more goodies but I made a promise to myself to use what I have first!

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