Home Renovation: 5 Ways to Give Mom the Best Updated Kitchen Ever


Your mom is a true champ, but she often seems forgotten as she focuses on others. Rectify that situation by upgrading the kitchen for her. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

Install Industrial-grade Fixtures

Go to the internet right now and contact rwcnj.com or another kitchen remodeling company to give your mother industrial-grade fixtures in her kitchen. One look that you may want to consider is Italian marble countertops paired with traditional-style cabinetry. Your mother will think you are super cool when she is preparing meals in her upscale kitchen.

Add a Beautiful Ceiling

Mom will smile anytime she looks up when you redo the ceiling in the kitchen in a style that she loves. Upgrading the ceiling adds a special grandeur to the room where you expect mom to prepare gourmet-style meals on a dime.

Adding a new ceiling can also help add additional strength so that you can add a ceiling fan to keep air moving or a center island where mom can hang her favorite pans for easy access.

Provide Additional Storage

The next time you hear mom muttering under her breath while fixing a meal, it may not be because of anything you or the pets have done. Instead, it may be because mom does not have enough storage in her kitchen. Instead of making her miserable, hire NJ Kitchen Remodeling or another local carpenter to add additional storage to the kitchen.

Additionally, if your mom is like many, then consider adding a place for her to display the beautiful dishes that she collects but does not use often.

Repaint the Space

When many homeowners buy their home, the kitchen is painted in a neutral color in hopes of making the home sell faster. Now, it belongs to your family, and it is time to repaint the kitchen a cherry color. Adding warm colors to walls has been shown to make people happier, so it may make mom easier to get along with and this can be an added benefit for the rest of the family.

Redo the Floors

If the floors in your kitchen have started to show their age, then replace them with a surface that is easier for mom to keep clean. Stone and tile look beautiful and stand up to wear and tear beautifully. Alternatively, wood adds a warm look and compliments many different decors. If you are strapped for cash, then consider prefabricated laminate flooring as it has an authentic wood look while costing less money.


You know the old saying about if mom isn’t happy, then no one is happy. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to make mom happy, and you may reap benefits from mom being happy.

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