5 Great Gifts to Make Mom Smile


5 Great Gifts to Make Mom Smile

Your mother may never have used the line about carrying you for nine months to get you to pay attention to her, but she probably has thought it at least a couple of times. Moms save the last piece of cake for their baby boys or girls, stay up nights when there are coughs or fevers that need attention, and nag about being bundled up when it is cold outside. Mom are also deeply touched with our gifts no matter if it is our names written in macaroni from kindergarten or that bundle of dandelions we picked from the yard. However, there are some special gifts we can now give as adults that will make Mom smile.


Flowers are the perennial gift almost every mom has received for birthdays, anniversaries and Mother's Day. This time, make it a special bouquet of her favorite flowers instead of just any old bundle from the nearby grocery store's floral department. It is easy to order online and have the flowers delivered to her home or work. Flowers delivered to where she works makes them even more special. Spend a little extra to get the larger bouquet. The thoughtfulness will melt her heart.

A Spa Day

Most cities have day spas that provide luxurious massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Some places are quite elaborate in what they offer. Do not just buy a gift certificate from the first place you call. Shop around a bit to find the place your mom will absolutely enjoy. Get her the works. She is worth it. Be ready to offer assistance with some chores and other things so she will feel free to take the day to relax at the spa.


Children may not consider Mom anywhere near as tech savvy as your average teenager, but they do enjoy gadgets just as much as the rest of us. A tablet computer may not be on her list of things to purchase with her budget, but many children are surprised at the amount of use moms get out of the devices. Even tech clueless moms enjoy discovering fun apps and social media. Choosing a brand name product with an operating system friendly to Mom's technical ability helps.


Moms can be picky about jewelry. They will accept anything one of their children buys for them, but they may not prefer it. Getting a sense of Mom's style before buying jewelry is helpful. If she wears a charm bracelet, get the brand to add another charm or two to the bracelet to mark something special in life for her. If she likes unique pieces, consider purchasing from a company like Moonglow Jewelry. They offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings in moon phases that match the phase of the moon for any special event or day. They have a lookup tool to find the moon phase for any date. You can get her a necklace that matches the moon phase on the date you were born.

Gourmet Candy

Some women crave chocolate. Okay, actually most do. If you want to help Mom get her chocolate fix, do not just buy a box of chocolates at the grocery store. Instead, order her a box of gourmet chocolate favorites. If no candy makers are nearby, order online. Whether Mom likes nougats, cremes, jellies, truffles or toffee, a box filled with just her favorites can be ordered. Check her favorite boxed chocolate candy maker online to see if they offer custom boxes of candy. Choose their gourmet variety for a more special gift.

Yes, Mom smiled when you brought her home the Valentine's Day or Mother's Day card made out of construction paper. Now that you are grown up, you can really make her smile and score some favorite kid points by taking time to choose special gifts to make her smile. Moms can tell those last minute gifts when a birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day was almost overlooked. Yes, it is the thought that counts, but how much thought that is put into something counts too.

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