5 Things They Didn’t Tell Me About Pregnancy


5 Things They Didn't Tell Me About Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is a wonderful time in any woman's life, but it can also be frightening, grueling and daunting. While most women like to think about what their pregnancy might be like, they are often surprised when it actually comes time for them to go through it themselves. By being prepared for these five elements of pregnancy you might not know about, you'll be more likely to be ready for them.

1. Supplements and Vitamins

When you're pregnant, you need more vitamins and supplements to keep you and your baby healthy. One of the most important supplements you'll need to take is known as folic acid. This helps with your baby's growth and development and is something that many pregnant women don't get enough of. Speak with a doctor and see if your current prenatal vitamin has enough of this nutrient in it.

2. Regular Appointments

When you're pregnant, be prepared for making frequent trips to the doctor's office. In the beginning, you may only need to go once or twice a month, but towards the end of your pregnancy, you'll be visiting your doctor at least once a week until you give birth. This can be a problem for a lot of women either due to their busy schedules or because of their fear of doctors.

3. Routine Testing

Testing is done throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and baby are healthy. This testing includes ultrasounds, diabetic testing and other forms of tests that you can either choose to opt in or out of. Unfortunately, most of these tests, like ultrasounds and diabetic testing, are considered to be required. While you do have the option to opt out of them, most doctors will drop their pregnant patients if they do not get the testing done that the doctor deems as necessary.

4. Sleep Problems

As you go through your pregnancy, you'll notice that you begin to deal with a lot of pains and discomfort that make it difficult and even impossible to get a good night's sleep. Some people say that this is the body's way of preparing you for sleep deprivation after baby arrives, but it's nonetheless problematic for the woman who just wants to sleep.

5. The Need for a Birth Plan

You must have a birth plan available to you. This plan lists out how you want the birth to go and what types of treatments, medications, and procedures you're alright with having done or taking. This is especially important if an emergency comes up and you're unable to state what you need and want while giving birth.

Being pregnant can be an enjoyable experience and frequently, the more you know about it, the better prepared you're going to be. While many of the elements of pregnancy are scary and frightening, to say the least, try not to focus on the problems and focus only on being pregnant and your life changing for the better because of the child that you'll soon be holding in your arms. There are, of course, there are other things to consider once you become a new mother, but you can get to that once you cross that bridge.

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  1. I think it is an adjustment seeing as you have spent so long trying to get the scale down and keep it there. Keeping in mind what is good for the baby will certainly help you eat properly, as well as listening to your doc. You are doing great!

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