Ensuring Your Home Is Pleasant To Visit


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While first and foremost, our homes should be reflections of us as people, and made to suit our personalities, it’s also important to help our homes stay part of a positive visiting experience for our friends and family. Of course, you cannot cater to everyone’s tastes. If you have dogs and your best friend is heavily allergic to them, it might be best to arrange your meetings somewhere else. Of course, this all depends on who you are, and what kind of home you run. However, there is an objective value spectrum of both more and less inviting homes. It’s not hard to see which home you might prefer. This can help you build friendships, help you enjoy better memories with your family, and generally feel proud of the home space you have worked so hard to find in the first place.

Consider these tips:


While you may love your pets, it might not be that those you invite feel that same emotion with as much pure love and appreciation as you do. Some people are hesitant when greeting a dog for the first time, and are sometimes worried to stay in proximity to a new cat. It takes time for people to adapt to these animals, even if they are cute and lovely in your eyes. No matter how harmless they are, your pets might not make the best first impression. Jumping up and down on guests and sniffing their shoes are just means of greeting for your pet, but for a child entering your home, or someone less experienced with animals, this can prove troubling.

This means that slowly introducing your guests to pets as they enter, letting them know in advance of your furry friends, and training your dogs to hold restraint around strangers can help your guests adapt to the living space surrounding you. It can also be very worthwhile to keep in mind that pet safety tips from your home can help them feel comfort and familiar with their environment, but not overly protective of it. They will also help you isolate and kit out a room for your pets to stay in if someone visits with a fear of pets or young children, allowing you to invite your close friends with care.


Imagine that you’ve experienced a hard week at work. Your colleague asks if you’d come over to relax, watch some television and perhaps binge a Netflix show with a glass of wine. Lovely, you think. You come home on Friday night, get showered, and travel to your friends home with some snacks and tv show suggestions, hoping to relax the evening away, gossiping and melting into the sofa. Then you realize when being introduced to the living room for the first time that they leave the big light on for ambiance. They’re a big-lighter. This can crush your relaxation all evening as you feel exposed and more illuminated than you were hoping to be.

This can be a real problem. Don’t be this friend. Making your home look inviting and warm means ensuring mood lighting is set, that warm lighting radiates throughout the room, but it’s illuminated enough not to be dingy. Consider the light levels in your room, how it travels, and how it might reflect to impede or increase your guests relaxation.


There’s nothing less inviting than an oppressive, stuffy, smelly room that desperately needs ventilation. This can tire you out almost immediately, stifle your breathing, and generally make you feel quite down in the dumps. Don’t provide this home for another, especially if you have pets. Be sure to continually ventilate your room with open or locked ventilation windows, purchase an air filter if necessary in an urban environment, and continually dust your entertaining rooms, as well as the rest of the house for that matter. You’d be surprised how a well-catered for room can take on such a glow, and ventilation will often contribute to this more than you know.


But what good is a ventilated, pet controlled, well lit room without comfort, if your guests can to sit on the floor? Surely ensuring your home is pleasant to visit means ensuring sofas are well maintained, there is plenty of room for everyone, and there are enough tablespaces to store the temporary belongings of your guests? Never be afraid to add a new cushion there, or perhaps restore or reupholster a sofa that is getting on in years. A little comfort goes a long way, especially if you hope to sit for the evening.


With these tips, ensuring your home is pleasant to visit will be more than possible.

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