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You probably caught my last post about Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition it was honestly the best exhibit I've been to in Las Vegas but it was right in the era that I am in love with!   Right next door to Titanic is Bodies The Exhibition!  If you are visiting Las Vegas and these exhibits interest you I encourage you to grab the multi-pass so you can see 3 for a discounted rate!  Might as well have fun and save money doing it right?!  Both of these exhibits are perfect for families especially those who are looking for a little education on their vacation.

Bodies The Exhibition Las Vegas Family Travel

Bodies The Exhibition Las Vegas – Family Travel

I will be honest I am not into the human body but my husband is seriously fascinated.  Maybe because he's into the whole kinesiology thing, which in all honesty that word is a mouthful for me.  Bodies The Exhibition has put together an amazing and informative view into the human body.  Over 200 actual human bodies and specimens, meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed, offer an unprecedented and wholly unique look into your amazing body.

Bodies The Exhibit Luxor

Bodies The Exhibition – The Human Body

I was shocked at what the human body is actually made up of.  Don't get me wrong I paid attention in high school during science class but I never took biology or went in depth into what the body was made of I stuck to my more practical courses.  Bodies The Exhibition has broken down the human body from the skeletal system to the treated body touching on everything in between including the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems.  My favorite part of the exhibit was the lungs and how they compared a healthy lung to that of a smoker and had a clear bin for people to leave their cigarettes in after viewing that part of the exhibit.

5 Facts on You Are What You Eat

  • Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie.
  • If your stomach didn't produce a new layer of mucous every two weeks, it would digest itself.
  • People eat more popcorn when watching a sad movie as compared to a happy one.
  • Food can get to your stomach even if you are hanging upside down.
  • The small intestine is about four or five times larger than the large intestine.


Bodies The Exhibition Inside The Body

Bodies The Exhibition Display

I honestly had no clue but was pretty proud of myself that I absorbed so much information to bring home and share with the kids.  I was truly amazed at how tasteful and educational the exhibit was.  If you have kids that are learning this in school or just interested in the human body it is a MUST SEE while in Las Vegas.
 A fun side note:
Did you know Bodies has a Scout Merit Badge?  They've designed a whole guide specifically for scouts.  You can view it HERE!
No cameras are allowed so take the time and read the plaques as you go and absorb the information, the exhibit is self-paced. Bodies The Exhibition is just another amazing exhibit available for family travel to Las Vegas!

I have more fun articles in the making on Family Travel in Las Vegas!

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