Color A Daisy – DIY Craft


Crafts can be fun and easy but also have a lesson behind them.  Did you know that you can change the color of a flower?  Color A Daisy isn't just a DIY Craft it is also an experiment!  The only thing with this craft is it does take a little time so there isn't an instant gratification behind it.  What we liked most was combining colors and seeing just what would happen!

Color A Daisy DIY Craft

Color A Daisy – DIY Craft

Supplies you will need:

  • A white flower with a long stem
  • 2 glasses or vases (I found tall shot glasses work the best)
  • Tape
  • Food coloring

Simple Instructions:

1.  Place the flower on a cutting board, with the assistance of an adult, cut the stem lengthwise up to the halfway point.

Split the stem color a flower


2.  Wrap tape just above the top of the cut to stop the stem from splitting more.

3.  Fill the glasses with water.  Add food coloring to on or both and mix!  Stand the flower i the glasses with one half of the stem in each glass.  In a couple hours the petals will begin to change color!

Color A Daisy Experiment


  • Carnations and large daisies work perfectly for this
  • Try to avoid getting food coloring on your hands – not fun to wash off but shaving cream seemed to do the trick!

How It Works:

Plans draw water from the soil through their roots, the water travels up the stem through a hollow tube called the xylem.  In this daisy color DIY craft as the flower draws water from the glass the food coloring travels with it dying the petals once it reaches the top!

Have fun and experiment to create the perfect table centerpiece!

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Color A Daisy DIY Craft

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