Thrill Ride of a Lifetime!


Wow, time flies when you are enjoying life and having fun living it!  I have to say that I can't believe we were in Vegas last week already, tomorrow will be a week since our skydive so I thought I better get my butt in gear and stop procrastinating on this post.  It seems like my life is working perfectly lately and I can fit a lot of family time in and enjoy it!  It has been a long time since I've been able to forget about most other things and just enjoy the moment, I credit that greatly to my meditation – which is a whole other post so that I won't bore you right now!

Some of you that know me may know that I love an adrenaline rush!!  I will say I like to push my limits when it comes to finding that new adrenaline high!!  Can I say I laugh in the face of danger or is that too cliche?!  I can say that I love to enjoy life and I love that feeling where you're heart is racing, you feel like a little kid and can't sit still, and that you may just pee your pants!  Well that pretty much sums up my skydive experience, I think I had peed about 4 times before I was actually on the plane because I was so excited I couldn't contain myself and talking about going while we were all suited up made me want to jump around in circles, but I was able to contain myself, so I didn't look like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning, but I sure felt like it!

We ended up going with Sin City Skydiving as our company to jump with, which turned out to be a bit of a headache but at the end so worth it!!!  I did most of the booking over email which for me works, they, however, were not as email friendly as me, so a lot was up in the air including changing our time at the last minute, so we didn't know what time our actual jump was – even when they had a local phone number to call.  Needless to say, all was worth it and my tandem partner Rick was unbelievable!  He made me feel so comfortable and we had so much fun!!

It is funny thinking back now because I thought Frank would chicken out and I'd be jumping solo, but turns out he did it! I did it! And Trav did it!  Our whole trip came at just the right time and skydiving was so unbelievable and gave me that I LOVE MY LIFE moment.  We all had different experiences on our jumps which were pretty cool because we all had the same jump but how we perceived it was different, kind of how life is!  For me, I got to watch Frank jump out of the plane which made me have a “holy shit” moment – as you'll see in the video as he jumps – and then I'm up let's do this!!  It is funny when you have your mind set to a certain outcome you'll do whatever you can to get there.  Freefalling was well – amazing!  I don't have any other description for it; it was simply that adrenaline I love and the feeling of exceeding my expectations!  The parachute ride down was pretty cool seeing the scenery and how small everything is, felt like I could pick up a car in my hand and squish it!  At that point, I was like wow, I can do anything!!!

Crossing another item off my 101 list, was exciting, exhilarating, and unbelievable!  All I can say is make your list and go after it; you'll love your life and the rush of checking another item off your list :).

Now I leave you with my video, some of you may have seen it on Facebook already but for those of you who haven't enjoy!

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