7 Reasons Your Family Should Always Have a Garden


A beautiful and thriving garden makes a beautiful addition to any home. Whether you like to grow flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables, here are seven compelling reasons why gardens are great for families.

It Will Provide a Setting for Discovery

The early childhood years are when your child first discovers the world. A garden is a great place for fun, discovery, and learning. Toddlers and elementary-aged kids love not only the experience of growing plants but also picking up all the creepy-crawlies they find!

Your Family Will Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Even just ten minutes in the morning sun is enough to replenish your body's vitamin D levels. This nutrient is important for bone strength, brain health, heart health, and much more. Making outdoor gardening a regular family activity will improve everyone's health.

You'll Reap Nutritious Foods Every Year

There's no better way to add lots more nutritious foods to your dinner table than to grow them yourself. Growing a variety of fruits and vegetables will add tons of vitamins and minerals to your family's diet.

Your Children's Garden Accomplishments Will Foster Self-Esteem

If you include your children in gardening activities, they can develop skills and a sense of self-confidence in their abilities when they see what they are capable of. This sets your children up for success in life.

Your Family Can Spend Quality Time Together

Working together in the garden every week gives you an excellent opportunity to talk, laugh, and bond. Your family will also learn to work well together as a team.

You Can Grow Eco-Friendly, Organic Foods

When you grow your own foods, you have total control about what chemicals and compounds go into them. You can use organic seeds, organic soil, and organic fertilizers from companies like Nature Safe that are geared toward organic gardening.

You'll Give Your Children the Gift of Lifelong Skills

When gardening includes the whole family, your children can learn not only practical gardening skills but also various principles of biology and weather. Your child can grow up to use these skills later in life. Gardening knowledge can also form a foundation for other skills to come.

A flourishing garden can mean a flourishing family. Get started today introducing your kids to the world of horticulture and reap the benefits.

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  1. I am seriously thinking about gardening. I wanted to have my own mini garden at home. I wanna plant something that we can use at the kitchen from time to time.

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