The Most Common Ways Children are Injured at School


No one wants to think about their child being injured, especially when they’re at school, but injuries can and do happen on school grounds. The majority of school-related injuries are minor. However, sometimes, children unfortunately suffer serious injuries at school.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common ways kids are injured at school:

1. Simple Slips and Falls

Everyone trips from time to time, but in the classroom, bags, jackets, and cords may be on the floor, creating tripping hazards. Wet floors, untied shoes, and stairs are also common causes of kids tripping and falling in school buildings. Thankfully, most slips and falls don’t result in a serious injury.

2. Recess

It’s no surprise that many school-related injuries happen at recess. It’s the time of day kids look forward to the most, the time they can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. Unfortunately, this means falls onto the playground surface or even onto playground equipment. Injuries sustained from recess can be as minor as a skinned knee or as severe as a broken bone or concussion.

3. Organized Sports

Over the past few years, sports safety has been in the news. Unfortunately, this discussion isn’t just about professional sports. Many injuries that happen on school grounds happen during team practices or physical education classes. Falls, collisions, and overexertion account for most sports injuries, so be sure that your child knows when they’re being pushed too hard.

4. Defective or Improperly Stored Equipment

When schools don’t maintain equipment like tables, chairs, and desks, students can be hurt. And as most parents know, sometimes children like to play on furniture or equipment that isn’t meant to be played on. It’s the school’s responsibility to keep furniture and equipment maintained and ensure that off-limits gear is kept off-limits. If your child is hurt as a result of faulty or incorrectly stored equipment, you should find out what happened, as other kids could also be injured if the issues isn’t addressed.

5. Bullying

Despite the “no tolerance” policy adopted by many schools, children can still experience harassment and physical violence at school. Talk to your child about bullying and help them understand how to respond should they encounter a bully. Make sure that your child knows he or she can come to you in the case of a threatening situation. If you feel like your child is being bullied, don’t wait to take action. Contact the school administration right away.

It’s not uncommon for a child to get a bump or bruise at school. After all, kids will be kids! But if your child’s injuries are extensive or serious, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney. If a lawyer is needed, it is recommended that they’re hired before discussing settlement agreements with your insurance company or school district. Be sure to talk to friends and family, read reviews, and even meet with a few attorneys before choosing one to take on your case. You want to make sure that you find someone who is actually committed to finding justice for your child, not someone who is just out to use your case to their advantage.

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