10 School Bus Safety Tips thanks to Southland Transportation


It is that time of year and now is important to talk about school safety!  We all can use gentle reminders to help keep our kids safe every day, not just on their first day of school.

10 school bus safety tips

10 School Bus Safety Tips

  1. Arrive at your bus stop on time.
  2. Stay 10 feet away from the street. Anything closer to that is called the “danger zone.”
  3.  Never run in front of the bus.
  4. Watch where you are going when you get on the bus.
  5. Use the railings for safety.
  6. Be patient, don’t push, don’t shove.
  7. Stay seated and facing forward on the bus.
  8. Keep your head, hands and other objects inside the bus at all times.
  9. Always remember to wait until the bus stops before standing up and leaving your seat.
  10. Look both ways before getting on and off the bus.

By following these rules, we can ensure that we all arrive Safely Home.

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