Set the Captive Free! 5 Important Steps to Take After Your Loved One is Arrested


People get arrested for all kinds of reasons, but that does not mean they have to remain behind bars the entire time. You need to be prepared so that you can take the right steps should a family member or friend get arrested. The following are a few steps to take to help loved ones behind bars.

1. Be Ready for the Call

A troubled loved one will likely call you or someone in your family to ask for help. Of course, this does not always happen though the likelihood is high. You need to be ready to write down any information given to you, and make sure you are as supportive as possible. Do not reprehend or lecture at this time because these actions will not help the situation.

2. Find Your Loved One

If you know that your friend or family member was arrested but did not receive a call afterwards, you should try to find out where he or she is. There are many police departments out there, and most of them hold prisoners. The county normally has a number of ways to contact the departments, such as phone numbers or emails. Then, you can call the police department to get more information.

3. Understand the Arrest

It would be a good idea to write down information about your loved one's arrest. There is a lot to find out, like when the arrest took place, why, and the kind of release your loved one might be eligible for. Some arrestees do not have any priors, and their charges are not severe, which makes it easy for a judge to grant release by your friend or family member's own recognizance.

4. Release by Bail

A person can be granted a release by his or her own recognizance in two ways: on his or her own or by posting bail. Being granted this release without posting bail is what you want because it is free and trouble-free as long as your loved one returns for his or her court date. People who need to post bail will need some cash. You can talk to a bail bondsman to see if he or she can help release your loved one.

5. Hire Help

With help, you can keep your loved one out of jail, even when his or her arraignment comes up. The charges have not been given to your loved one just yet, meaning you have plenty of time to build a case to protect your loved one with the help of a lawyer such as Steve W. Sumner, Attorney At Law. Make sure that the lawyer is an expert regarding your loved one's specific case, like a DUI expert for those caught under the influence.

Hopefully, these pointers make it easy for you to help your loved one get free and stay free after his or her arrest. Remember, nothing is guaranteed, so make sure you prepare for the worst, too.


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