Real Ideas to Best Transform an Overgrown Garden


If you move into a new property and it has a terribly overgrown garden it can seem like an impossible task to even begin thinking about how to tackle the problem. It doesn’t even need to be a new garden it’s possible to get to this stage when your life is busy and you've neglected it for a while. No matter what the reason you have seen your garden get to this stage you are going to want to deal with it as we all want to have a garden, actually you could argue that we need a garden.

The Clearance

The clearance of the area could be presented as a huge challenge, this is often the worst thing as it is getting over this first hurdle that can be the most difficult and is where many people fail before they have even begun. The trick to getting this right is getting the planning right, and especially not to underestimate the task. One way of doing this is to get the correct machinery and tools if needed. One good example of this would be where the grass has grown too long to be able to be cut by a regular mower, in this instance it would be wise to use a Flail mower which is a heavier duty machine that can handle longer and heavier grass than a regular mower. If you are digging an area out and it’s really tough, rocky or even just too much then consider an excavator. All these types of machinery are readily available to hire.

Waste Disposal

Following the clearance, you are going to have to find a way of disposing of the garden waste and believe me, a full garden clearance can create a huge amount. If you have a trailer or a large truck then you could do it yourself in a series of trips. Otherwise, you could hire a skip ton put it in, or for really big loads you could hire a grab truck that will take it away, these are also referred to as clamshells sometimes.

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A Blank Canvas

Now that you have the area completely clear you are left with a blank canvas and this could be a great thing but often at this point, you are left wondering what is best to do with the area? But fear not, you can easily start narrowing down the options. Make a list of everything you might like in a garden and rank them in order of preference. This simple exercise is often more than enough to focus your mind.

Grand Ideas

We could start with our grand ideas for the garden. Why not? If we don’t at least explore them then we won’t know if they are possible or not. A good example would be the large outdoor fountains that my cousin was after and it turned out to not be as prohibitively expensive as she first thought.

Essential Ideas

So, there are the big grand ideas that we’ve considered but now we should turn our attention to the essentials that any garden would need. Most gardens have some combination of the following: paths, patio, lawn, and plants so we should consider what we want to do about these. You can get a garden designer or landscaper to source and design all of this for you which can ease the burden, but there is a cost attached to this. Otherwise, it can be a fun adventure to go around the garden centers & builder’s merchants to get ideas and then get your people to install them.

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Realistic Plans

It’s time to make sure this is all realistic and you can afford all the work. If this is not the case, then you will need to compromise and prioritize what work you really want and need the most or make choices to get cheaper versions of what you have chosen. It is usually the case that our eyes are drawn to the most expensive options, as they are understandably desirable, so reassess and get a good job.

Check The lifespan of New Items

The one exception to where going towards the budget section of the market is the best idea is where items are clearly of lower quality. But how can we tell? Well, one sure way of doing this is to err towards the versions with the longer guarantees as they tend to be better quality and, if they aren’t, you can claim on the guarantee.

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