Quick Fitness Tip – Exercise Tips For Busy Moms


We all know that exercising is very important for our diet and health. Finding time to exercise when you're a busy mom feels impossible at times. Sometimes making time to go to the gym just doesn't fit into our schedules.

Exercising is extremely important and is something we should all implement into our lives. Here are some quick fitness tips to fit exercise into our lives, even as busy moms.  Trust me I know some of these are obvious but we tend to forget them, or at least I do!

Quick Fitness Tip - Exercise Tips For Busy Moms

Quick Fitness Tip – Exercise Tips For Busy Moms

Exercise at Lunch: If you work out of the home, use your lunch break to take a jog or walk and take the stairs on your way back in instead of the elevator.

Go to the gym: Some gyms offer daycare or exercise classes for kids. Take some time to research gym memberships in your area and see if they fit into your busy life.  And remember if they have a daycare that also means you can shower ALONE!  Not only do you get a workout but some alone time too, bonus!

Get Active: Exercise doesn't always have to be done at the gym. Make it a point to actively play with your kids every day for 30 to 60 minutes. You can run around in the front yard, go to a park, go swimming, hiking, ride bikes or anything else your family enjoys doing.  You'd be surprised at how much of a workout you can get by playing tag with the kids!

Walk: Walk the kids to school, take the dog for a walk, walk to the store, walk anywhere you possibly can. You will not only get some exercise in but save money on gas as well.  Remember every little bit counts.

Use at Home Workout Videos: There are many different at home workouts, some you can even stream or download right to your computer! Find a few different workout videos you might enjoy and start doing your exercise in your home when the kids are busy playing or sleeping.

Do you find it harder to exercise now that you are a mom?

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