10 Fun Ways to be More Active Every Day


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Now is a great time to break those winter habits of binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix and spending way too much time online. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only a good example for the kids but my wardrobe would like me a little more too!  Get out there, get active and enjoy the health benefits.

10 Fun Ways to be More Active Every Day


10 Fun Ways to be More Active Every Day

I'll admit it, jogging is not for me and I know there are many of you who are the same.  If you're looking for an exercise that's easy to do while entertaining the little ones or cleaning teh house this is the post for you!  Here are a few ways to keep moving during the day:

  1. Chase your Kids around the Yard – Time will fly while you are having fun and your children will enjoy the extra time with you. Just get out there and play.
  2. Turn up the Music and Dance around the Living Room – While you're dusting, putting up dishes, straightening up the kids rooms, or after you've been sitting around for too long, just play some of your favorite upbeat music and dance around in the house. Not only will you get your heart rate up, but you'll also have more fun doing some of those chores.  I love Amazon Music and it's included with my Prime Membership!
  3. Yard Work – This probably doesn't sound like a lot of fun but you'd be surprised at how many calories you can burn shoveling the driveway, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds or even planting your favorite flowers.  The fresh air and vitamin D are just a healthy side effect from being outside!
  4. Go for a Walk with a Friend – Take a walk and invite a friend to come along. I've had some of the best conversations while on a walk. Getting to chat with a friend makes the time fly by and before you know it you've been walking for 30 minutes.
  5. Listen to some Music or an Audio Book while you walk – keeping your mind on something else will make the time fly by and you'll get some extra fun out of your walk.  I'm in love with Audible and the Reese Witherspoon Book Club picks.
  6. Sign up for a Yoga or Pilates Class – Consider starting a yoga or Pilates class. Both of these workouts are pretty low impact and won't leave you sweaty and sore (mostly). You may also enjoy meeting some new people in the class.  If the schedule doesn't work for you consider doing a home program.
  7. Take some Dance Lessons with your Partner – Ok, here is the tough part: Convince your partner to take some dance lessons. Dancing will give you quite the workout and it's just plain fun and possibly romantic. Think about all your options here. You can pick from anything from Ball Room Dancing, to Line Dancing. Pick something that sounds fun to you and go for it. You'll enjoy the extra one on one time with your partner as well.
  8. Go for a Swim at Your Local Aquatic Center – Swimming makes for some great exercise. It is low impact and easy on your joints. Start by swimming a few laps, or play in the pool with your kids.
  9. Go for a Bike Ride – Take the entire family on a bike ride. You can ride through your neighborhood in the evenings or plan a longer trip for the weekend. Pack a picnic for extra fun and start peddling.
  10. Go for a Hike – Look for some hiking trails in your area and go for a hike. This could be a fun activity for you and a friend, or take the entire family along. Start with some easy trails and work yourself up to some longer or steeper trails.


I dare you to pick one or two of the activities and get moving. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy, so you'll stick with it. Get out there and get moving today!

What fun ways do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine?

We are sharing 10 fun ways to be more active every day that are easy.

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