Put “Spring” In Your Garden’s Step


With spring allegedly only around the corner, when these last bitter remnants of winter finally float away with the wind, you’re probably averting your gaze to the outdoor world once more and dreaming of a season filled with outdoor adventure. Perhaps you’re thinking of all the places you’d like to visit and all the things you’d love to do with your family. Perhaps you’re simply thinking of one very important thing: the garden.

Yes, spring time means nature emerges from the dust and prepares to blossom once more. It means that your outdoor space no longer needs to look so forlorn or neglected, as its time to shine has returned. It means you need to prepare yourself for some insanely excited children ready to go wild during the coming months. Your garden is about to undergo a lot of use, but it’s also about to see the light of day once more, so it’s time to put the spring back into its step and prepare it for the sunny months ahead. If you’re unsure as to where you should begin, here are some top tips.

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Tidy up the place.

Your garden is part of your home, and, much the same as you will when you do a little spring cleaning around the home, you need to ensure this outdoor room of yours is neat and tidy before the kids rampage around the backyard on those warm spring days. You need to. Of course, sick trees can be cured from disease, so not all worn or withered elements of nature in your back garden need to be plucked out or destroyed. The key here is to refresh the face of your garden, rather than demolish it all. Nature is important, but it must be nurtured in such a controlled environment, so wilted flowers should be replaced with new ones.

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Make it homely.

Now you’ve tidied up the place, it’s time to furnish it, much like any indoor room of your house. Your garden is still part of your home, and, given how warm it’s about to become outside, you’ll be spending a lot of time relaxing there, so you might as well give it that cozy, homely feel. This all starts with furnishing the garden. A nice table, some cushioned-chairs and perhaps even a BBQ stand all serve to bring the home and family life outdoors this spring. We only get to see nature bloom for a short period every year, so you might as well be outside to witness it as much as possible.

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Maintain it last time.

Maintaining your outdoor space throughout the season is essential to ensure everything remains aesthetically pleasing. I understand that you may have let standards slip over winter, as nobody wants to be gardening in the freezing cold, but every time you neglect your garden, you only make it more difficult for yourself to return and fix it the next time. Keep up to date with the plants and flowers in your back garden to ensure the cycle keeps going and they keep on growing. Clean up flowerbeds if they become messy, and keep everything picturesque.

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    Hello Laura, you have shared an amazing blog. All the tips that you have shared are really too good. I will surely follow you tips because I loved to stay behind trees. Thanks for posting!

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