Forget Everything You Know About Interior Design


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It doesn’t matter what blog you read when it comes to redecorating your home they always say the same things; feature walls, throws, paint the legs of your dining room tables, de-clutter and head toward minimalism. All of these are great pieces of advice; there is no denying that. But what if that just isn’t you. What if you like bright colors or have a thing for the steampunk vibe or love all things different? What if your family home to represent you as a family and not mimic the pages of Home & Country?

Well, we are here to give you some advice that may well be music to your ears. What’s more, it relies on two simple rules;  design is all in the detail and design is all about your personality.

The Clash

People always say you shouldn’t make colors or patterns clash. But why shouldn’t you? Some of the world’s most famous designers have made a name for themselves by doing this, designers like Miles Redd, so give it a go… and if you don’t like it then get the magnolia paint out and start again. Paint the floor, wallpaper the walls and go for the ceiling again. Combine patterns and colors, add lamps that furniture that will take your breath away, but in a great way.

Expose The Hidden

There are certain building materials that always get hidden, whether that is on the walls or the floors or behind cabinets. Well, it is time they had their day, so go and expose them. Embrace the exposed pipes in your converted loft by wrapping foliage around them, or old nautical pipe. Buy plumbing materials online and make a standout bookcase out of them, or steel bathroom cabinet, or a series of end tables that will make your living room pop. The opportunities are endless and the chance to be creative will be incredible.


Got a downstairs bathroom, or a pantry by your kitchen, or a glorified storeroom you call an office. Well, it is time you gave it a facelift by making it into an alfresco bathroom. Assuming your privacy will be protected, install huge floor to ceiling windows that will allow you to shower while looking out at your garden in bloom. Put gorgeous french doors in and have a bath with a cool breeze floating in and the sound of birds chirping away more than audible.


It is time to see your clutter as decor, but not in a generic way. What we mean is, it is time you took a stroll to your garage and reused the space-filler in an innovative way. If you’ve got a series of old and unused bikes, then why not spray them in beautiful colors and hang them on the walls in your kitchen. If you have got an old wood canoe, then why not securely fasten it to the ceiling in your kids bedroom, hang it upside down and line it with gorgeous fairy lights? Or use the same formula of hanging things upside down but with everyday items, like a big old vanity mirror. Instead of having it sat on your bathroom counter, fasten the stand to the ceiling and reinvent the space.

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  1. Charlotte Lindsay on

    One of the best parts of decorating a home is that it is a way to reflect your personality. I love the advice to expose the hidden. When decorating clients homes I often utilize an industrial modern design and use exposed pipe as either shelving or an on wall clothing rack.

  2. Best & Brown on

    I think disclose the hidden is important. When our house looks old by our old furniture, we just change the furniture position and disclose some hidden place in our house. It’s looks really cool, you know it create our house just refresh and beautiful.

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