My Life This Week As A Mom


Many of you might of thought that I disappeared this week from my lack of posts and social media interaction when in reality I was busy being a Mom.  I'm not sure what life looks like to you on a regular basis but for me lately it has been CRAZY that's right no regular routine and things get flipped upside down for no reason just like that.

I have been doing my best not to get stressed out and try to bring some routine back to our lives but when you have a two year old who just doesn't want to sleep or follow any kind of “normal” what can a person do?!  Cry, scream, lock myself in the bathroom, the list went on but in reality there was no real answer except to breath and take a moment to reflect.

I got so caught up in wanting things to go my way I didn't stop to think about why.  That's the REAL question – why did it bother me so much?!  The truth is because I was being selfish and thinking of what worked best for me and not my family as a whole.  The easiest way to respond to the situation was to get mad because things weren't going the way I wanted them to be.  I had to remind myself of my own advice I have given to you all.

Practice Patience is the most important lesson I need to listen to by:

  1. I have so many things to be THANKFUL for
  2. Living in the NOW is the most important things
  3. It isn’t important to get uptight and overreact to a situation it is better to be patient and wait for it to play out

Definition of Self, remembering who I am and what I believe in by being aware of:

  1. We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time wit, who's in your circle?
  2. Definition of Self – 1 paragraph with 5 likes and 5 things you want to change
  3. Have fun! Crank up the tunes and just dance!!

Get rid of failure, so simple we need to change our focus in life and the easiest way to do that is:

  1. Get rid of failure and start living by celebrating in your accomplishments
  2. Create Your Bucket List – 101 Things In 1001 Days – SPECIFIC, REALISTIC, CHALLENGING
  3. Own your own life and take Sept “restart” head on!!

Most important is Appreciation, this is the easiest to forget but when we take a moment to reflect and actually remember the results are amazing!

  1. Find something to appreciate every day – even if it is just celebrating something simple!
  2. It is ok to just appreciate in the moment but it has a bigger impact when we take the time to journal it, share it on Facebook or Twitter, tell other people – or leave a comment here!
  3. The more we appreciate and celebrate the more similar moments we attract into our lives.  Next week I’ll remind you to reflect and when you notice the difference you’ll take the opportunity to appreciate something each and every day!

I was actually astonished that I could give myself advice for a change!  I realized that my biggest problem this week is I am focusing so much on the things that aren't working I was just attracting more of the same.  I started changing my focus and appreciating the here and now and things slowly started changing for the better!  Don't get me wrong my son is stilla  troublesome two year old but focusing on the GOOD makes things so much better!

Trust me I am the first person to say practice what you preach and I have been doing that this week since I realized how negative I was getting after things were going the way I wanted them to.  I've started giving myself little reminders every day to be in the moment and appreciative of the here and now rather than dwelling on all the negative.

So when your kids are driving you crazy hit that pause button for just a moment and if you have to run away and hide to do it, nobody is judging you.  You can use my little tip on One Moment Meditation to create that pause between action and reaction.  Trust me it actually works and it really only take a moment and it so easy to learn and you can do it ANYWHERE!!

Well I don't want to keep boring you with myself so I'll leave you to ponder how your week is going and what positive changes you can make to add appreciation and living in the moment into your daily life.

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