Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle Review


Joovy is a family gear brand for active lifestyles whose philosophy is based on “modern, functional, high quality features at value-driven price points with an emphasis on durability and utility.” In business since 2005, one of the company's focus is on kids' tricycles. The Tricycoo Tricycle effectively delivers on all points of Joovy's efforts to deliver value and functionality in a long lasting and durable product. But before you get a typical tricycle in your mind, you have to see the innovative styling and common sense design that makes these trykes so unique. Let's take one for a spin and see exactly what you can expect.

Key Elements of the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle

  • Light but durable
  • Minimal assembly necessary
  • Durability tested for up to 44 pounds
  • Intended for children 18 months and older
  • Ships to US and select countries outside of the United States

What Makes the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle a Smart Buy?

There are lots of reasons to consider this uniquely designed kids tricycle an intelligent purchase.

  1. the price is right. At around $100 the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle is a long lasting product your kids will love.
  2. designed responsibly. Your child can access the fold-down foot rest when he is not pedaling, and removable Baby Surround Arms protect younger children and provide stability.

If you are going for a jog and want your child to accompany you because it is a beautiful day outside, what if she does not feel like pedaling? No problem with the convenient and parent push handle which is adjustable from 32.5 inches to 38 inches.

The tryke is offered in a number of colors, including Greenie, Orangie and Pink.

The wheels were designed to be quiet on most flooring surfaces and are durable.  The pedals can be locked or unlocked for your child to power this cute little tricycle themselves, or to allow you to function as the motor.  Safety measures have been added to protect your child, and the bright pastel paint job is sure to be a hit.

Assembly is quick and easy, the tricycle is light but sturdy, and the parent push arm means you can take over when your little one gets tired. Capping off a list of intelligent and functional features are a handlebar bell and a large rear basket for carrying toys or a picnic lunch!


This Joovy Tricycoo is fun for toddlers and parents!


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