Valentine’s Day Is For Married Couples Too!


Even though you're married it doesn't mean you are off the hook for Valentine's Day! I think it is the perfect reminder to make the day special and do something you normally wouldn't.  It is important to keep your relationship exciting!

A few fun ideas you can do this Valentine's Day include:

  • Make dinner reservations
  • Buy chocolate (because who doesn't LOVE chocolates)
  • Wine of The Month Subscription
  • Buy a new outfit for the day
  • Plan a romantic night in
  • Get a sitter and go to the movies
  • Wait for the kids to go to sleep and enjoy some wine and cheese picnic style


Or get a little creative and plan a weekend getaway, rent a new Mustang and cruise the countryside!  This might take a little planning and sending the kids off to their Grandparents (if you can) but will be worth the time and energy.  Sometimes we forget what life is like without the kids and our relationship as a couple suffers from that.

Do something different this Valentine's day!

Go ahead and get a little crazy this year and surprise that special someone in your life.  Making Valentine's Day special is important for a strong relationship.  Set aside a block of time or get the kids to bed a little early and enjoy each other's company.  For some free and fun ideas you'll love my post about 52 date nights. Even though you're married you can still enjoy Valentine's Day!


What do you have planned for Valentine's Day this year?

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