Helping Your Kids Maintain Their Oral Health While Wearing Braces


Even though dental braces are incredibly effective, oral health issues can develop if the patient doesn’t continue to care for their teeth and gums. Luckily, with a few simple daily habits and some professional assistance, you should be able to help your kids avoid cavities, gum discomfort, severe teeth stains, and other common problems that braces wearers often struggle with. Sanitation is more important now than ever, and encouraging proper oral hygiene will help your kids avoid both dental decay and other airborne diseases.

Keep an Eye on Their Diet

After getting braces put on, your child will most likely need to make some major changes to their diet so that they don’t damage the braces or knock them loose. As a general rule, your child will need to avoid any hard or sticky foods until the braces are removed. You might also want to limit their intake of sugary drinks that could damage their teeth.

Encourage Good Oral Health Habits

Even though many people have their teeth professionally cleaned and whitened after getting their braces off, your child should still have impeccable oral hygiene habits throughout the treatment period. That includes brushing multiple times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and using mouthwash as often as possible. You might also want to invest in a waxed floss threader so that they can clear away any debris that is caught between their teeth or on the inside of the braces. Make sure your child also understands that washing hands and keeping toothbrushes and other equipment sanitary will also keep them healthy.

How Can Parents Effectively Teach Their Children Proper Oral Health?

Buy Plenty of Orthodontic Wax

Many children who wear braces struggle with ongoing gum discomfort, and that can eventually result in open sores. To minimize that discomfort, you should invest in plenty of orthodontic wax for your child. A few times a day, your child can place the wax on their braces so that the posts and wires slide across the gums. Orthodontic wax typically needs to be used after the patient eats a meal or cleans their teeth.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Orthodontics is a unique field, and your child must regularly meet with an experienced orthodontist if you want to make sure that they remain as healthy as possible. A dentist can help them with basic oral hygiene, but their orthodontist can ensure that the treatment is working and the teeth are being pulled into the proper positions. Most dental healthcare offices are perfectly safe to visit even during the pandemic, as they are used to practicing extreme sanitation.

If your child has braces and you think that they might be struggling with a health complication, then you should immediately schedule a dental checkup. In many cases, relatively small oral health problems can easily be taken care of as long as they are caught early on.

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