Gleaming Smiles: 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Children’s Teeth


Gleaming Smiles 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Childrens Teeth

Your child's diet will have a major impact on their oral health as well as the appearance of their teeth. Unhealthy foods can cause a variety of issues including inflammation, bleeding gums, gum disease, cavities, mouth sores, and tooth erosion. Spending a little extra time planning your child’s snacks and meals will promote great oral health and help them avoid many of those health complications.

Apple Slices

There are quite a few reasons why apple slices have been a popular snack for so many years. Not only are apples packed with vitamins and minerals, but they are also referred to as a “detergent” food. When chewing on an apple, the texture will physically remove any debris that is clinging to the teeth. Apples also have the ability to trigger the production of saliva, and that will force the mouth to naturally clean itself.


Almonds are considered a superfood because they provide you with dozens of key nutrients including vitamin E, fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium, and iron. They also contain almost no sugar, and that makes them the perfect snack between meals or when you are out of the home. Before giving your child almonds, you should first speak with your dentist, like the professionals at Dentistry For Children & Adolescents, to make sure that they are ready to eat hard objects. Constantly crunching on almonds could potentially damage your child’s underdeveloped teeth.

Hard Cheese

While some children have a difficult time digesting dairy products, foods such as hard cheese can be great for one’s teeth and gums. If your children don’t get stomach aches from dairy products, then you might want to give them a few servings of hard cheese every week. This particular type of cheese physically cleans and strengthens the enamel with a substance known as calcium phosphate. Some researchers also believe that the proteins found in dairy products bind to the outside of the teeth to protect them.


Fresh cranberries contain a powerful substance known as polyphenols. These organic chemicals actually coat the outside of the teeth and prevent unhealthy bacteria from attacking the enamel. When you are purchasing a cranberry product, you should make sure that it doesn’t contain any dyes or processed sugar. Many companies add processed sugar to their cranberry products to combat their tartness.
When it is time to splurge on sweet treats, you should have your child drink plenty of water afterward to rinse away lingering dyes and sugars. The occasional treat is perfectly fine as long as your family continues to maintain impeccable oral hygiene habits at home.


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