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This summer, just like any other, I had every intention of staying on track with my new healthy habits, the unstructured fun and long hot summer days wreaked havoc on those plans.  Luckily with the end of summer vacation comes the back-to-school season and this is the perfect time to refocus and get back on track!

In February I gave myself three simple goals to work towards healthier lifestyle habits.  You might remember them:

  1. Vitamins and Supplements – Jamieson Essentials
  2. Water – goal of 9 cups a day
  3. Exercise – 20 minutes a day

I found setting attainable goals through baby steps was my key to success.  I will be the first to admit that socializing with friends and soaking up the summer sun quickly became a priority this summer but we found ways to keep active while doing it, but my water intake did suffer a bit.

Back to a healthy lifestyle

There is no problem with hitting the reset button.  September is the perfect time to do that too!  I always feel like it is a time of new beginnings, I set new goals for myself and get back on track with my routines.  The benefits to creating healthy lifestyle habits are endless.


Identifying your Healthy Lifestyle Needs


We all need to stay hydrated and increasing your daily water intake is an important part of creating a healthy lifestyle because it helps energize muscles, helps skin glow and it keeps your regular.

The easiest way to start consuming more fluids is starting your day off with a glass of water to help increase your metabolism.  Carrying a water bottle with you in the car, to the park or wherever your daily routine takes you also helps increase your fluid intake.  Slow and steady wins the race, but it also helps create healthy lifestyle habits!

Jamieson Essentials

Vitamins and supplements

I take my vitamins faithfully every morning when I brush my teeth, I’ve made it part of my morning routine, so I never forget now.  I’ve taken them on holidays with me and notice a big difference in my digestive health and reduced bloating while traveling. I am on a pretty strict diet at home that is mainly plant-based with reduced-sodium but when you’re on vacation and eating out sticking to that isn’t always possible.

With nearly 100 years of experience, the Jamieson team of experts have identified the four products that best meet the health needs of Canadians with their Jamieson Essentials lineup that includes:

  1. Jamieson 100% Complete Multivitamins for Adults
  2. Jamieson Extra Strength Omega-3
  3. Jamieson Probiotic 10 Billion
  4. Jamieson Vitamin D

Let’s take a peek at why this combination aids you in creating a healthy lifestyle:

  • The multivitamin ensures you’re meeting your daily vitamin requirement because 60% of the population isn’t getting enough from their meals.
  • The omega-3 helps improve cardiovascular health without the fishy taste
  • Probiotics are an excellent way to improve your digestive and immune health. Taken regularly they contribute to reducing bloating while aiding in proper digestion that helps keep you regular.
  • Vitamin D helps support your immune system, absorb calcium and prevents major diseases.



The key to making your exercise count is to raise your heart rate for 20 minutes a day with moderate exercise.  This will help burn more calories and increase your metabolism which will aid in weight loss.

I found the best way to push myself was with a step counter; this helped me stay on track.  The best part? Start a competition with yourself to do more steps than the day before.  You can easily get a few extra in walking the kids to school, parking at the back of the parking lot when you head to the grocery store and even meeting a friend for a stroll in the evening.  Just take it one step and one day at a time!

My Daily Planner

Make a Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Now is the time to set your goal and celebrate your success!  I find focusing on the positive and setting small, attainable goals will lead you on the path to success!  I’ve created this daily printable to keep you on track and help you get into the back-to-school routine, just click on the image to download.


What’s one small change you can make towards a healthier you?


  1. Oh man I had big plans of working out during our travels but I’ve been so bad. The hubs goes running every other day while I take a nap. SO BAD!

  2. For me as a guy, I always need to take 1 pill of vitamin A+D and 1 zinc tablet, to keep me active and motivated during the whole day hehe. Love your daily plan too 🙂

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