Fun Photo Activities You And Your Kids Will Love


Lots of us have hundreds of photos stored on our phones and other mobile devices. But very few of us ever bother to print them out. Our phones also have built-in editing apps to touch up or change the images that we capture. When we’re happy with our pictures, we often upload them to sharing sites like Facebook or Instagram. If you like taking photos of things that inspire you then perhaps you use something like Pinterest to collate them. There is no end to the things you could be doing with your photographs. And your kids can join in too.
You don’t need a high-end digital camera or even a film camera to have beautiful photos in your hand. Your phone can be used to create incredible images. All you need is a subject. It might be a portrait of a person or a close-up of a pretty flower. Or maybe you’re drawn to an attractive landscape or building. A subject can be anything that inspires you. Then you need to consider two more things.

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Light is very important in photography. Shade is even more important. A good mix of both can make an image vibrant and alive, especially when you print it out. When you’re taking pictures of your kids, try to have a stronger light just off to one side. This will highlight the contours of the face and offer more tones and shades from each color in the frame. A little light above and behind them (like from a skylight) can help separate the person from the background, offering more depth in the photo.


Next, consider the focus. This can be achieved by using different clip-on lenses on your own smartphone. There are also settings for aperture and exposure speeds. Have a look at to find out more about how they can be used. Presets are OK, but why not experiment with different effects? When your subject is moving, you can create awesome blurs. Tint the finished image, add any effects your app may offer, and you’re ready to print.

Fun Photo Activities You And Your Kids Will LoveThanks to Flickr for the photo


There are plenty of online services like that give you the chance to print your images out on postage stamps, postcards, greetings cards or canvas art. The applications are endless. Some photo printers allow you to design an entire photo album. They then post it out to you complete. These can make really beautiful gifts and keepsakes for family and friends. Use pictures of your kids, shots from your wedding, or even your entire Pinterest board! Having them printed out and in your hand can be much better than peering at them on a screen.


Wall art and canvases can brighten up an entire wall. When you have created and edited the image yourself, it can make the art even better. As you become more interested in manipulating your images, you might be interested in upgrading your software. Packages like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. These vary in cost but offer thousands of tools to create incredible images from your own photos. And it can all start with your phone!

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