Baby Photography Ideas: Simple Tricks to Capture Perfect Pictures


Babies don’t like to be still. This is why many professional photographers will stick to close-up shots with lots of detail. This includes concentrating on the eyes, hands, mouth and feet and using a macro lens.

Also, try to use natural light if possible, as it is softer and allows you to use the lower ISO rating on your camera, which will produce a higher quality image.

Baby Photography Ideas: Simple Tricks to Capture Perfect Pictures

You can use the following baby photography ideas and tips to capture lasting memories of any new bundle of joy.

Choosing an Area of Focus

If you use a macro lens, you should remember that when you shoot the picture at an angle, with a wide aperture, you will cover a large area from the foreground to the background. This can help you create different images of a baby, even if they are not repositioned. For example, take one close up photo of the baby’s face, and another focused on their hand, with the face in the background. By switching the focus of the photo you can create depth and different focal points. Check out this lesson on learning to focus your camera to achieve different images.

Remember, when you are photographing babies, you cannot wait to get the perfect shot. You should snap photos continuously and plan to have a few good shots. Tantrums and tears are to be expected, if you wait, you may miss great photo opportunities.

Create a Montage

A popular baby photography idea is to create a montage with the favorite images from the photo shoot. The montage can create a dynamic image that will capture all of the personalities of the baby. You can crop the photos to focus on the main features, such as hand, foot, nose, and piece them together to make one image. This also gives a timeless feel to the prints.

Alter the Background

Instead of only using light backgrounds, use a dark or black sheet, which will not reflect any light onto the baby’s face. If you use a gold reflector near the child, it can compensate for this effect. The benefit of the dark sheet is that the subject will be separated from the background. If you only shoot on light backgrounds you may notice the baby appears pale, or seems to disappear. Choosing a simple background is the best option. If you select an overly cluttered or bright background, it can ruin a baby photo.

In addition to altering the backdrop, you should check the lighting for your baby photos. Natural light, filtered through a window, is the best option. It is not a good idea to use direct sunlight because it tends to create shadows and can be unhealthy for the baby.

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