Improve Your Marriage With These 4 Date Night Ideas


Everything in life takes work, including your relationship. The problem with putting your marriage on auto-pilot is that it can easily veer off-course and crash. This is why experts and successful married couples highly recommend taking regular date nights. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you along with tips on making your date night a huge success.

Improve Your Marriage With These 4 Date Night Ideas

Send the Kids Out, then Stay In

You don’t have to go anywhere to have a romantic date night. Plan on staying in and spending some quality time together. The first step is finding a place for the kids to spend the night or at least a few hours. Clean and tidy the house the day before so that you can focus on your date night when the time comes. Then, once you’re alone, consider some activities you and your spouse don’t normally get the chance to do:

  • Sample JJ Buckley Fine Wines or a champagne you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Have a romantic dinner while listening to your favorite melodies.
  • Order dinner in and feed each other.
  • Go with a spa night.

Enjoy Nature Together 

Believe it or not, there’s more to do in your area than going out to eat. Make an afternoon date and go for a bike ride or a hike. Visit your local botanical gardens. In addition to spending time together, you can also get ideas for your own landscaping. Go to the local park after nightfall and ride on the swings while you look at the stars. Pick berries at a local farm.

Go All Out 

If you’re looking for something really special, then it may be time to go all out. Get tickets to the ballet or a Broadway show. Dress up, make reservations at a nice restaurant and spend an evening out on the town. If you love to dance, then look up charity balls in your area. You may find something that will provide you with a great evening out while supporting a favorite charity.

Get in Shape  

You can also sign up for a recurring date night that allows you to get physical, improve your overall health and learn something new. Sign up for dancing classes together, or go for some boxing lessons or private karate classes. You’ll have scheduled time together every week, and you can practice at home for more quality time.
What you do for a date night isn’t nearly as important as just spending the time together. You can rent movies and cuddle up on the couch, or you can spend a whole weekend together at a bed and breakfast. What matters is that you both work on your relationship so that you can remember why you fell in love and strengthen your bond.

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