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Its Monday and its time to check in on how you've been doing with getting back to you!  If you think back to the post from Task Thursday, Back to School Back to You, what changes have you made in this past week to make your life a little easier and get back to the school routine?!

I've had my talk with Cheyenne about what I expect from her now that it is back to school time and her idea was to set up her responsibility chart again as a reminder!  She even added indoor chores so she can help out more in the house now that vacation is over.  We are doing our first dry run today and getting up early to get ready for school.  She is excited to pack her backpack, get her school supplies together, and label her indoor shoes.   But we'll see how the morning goes, I think it will be a tough go but she may surprise me.

As for me, well I am still trying to catch up on sleep and get back into a regular routine.  I've been getting up early but mid day I need to take a nap I am so exhausted.  I think it is partly because of our craziness in the past couple of weeks and partly because I've been staying up late with Dustin because he is going through this terrible 2 stage and won't sleep. Ugh.  I am slowly working on it and trying to get some consistency in all of our schedules so cross your fingers for me.  Trust me though, I know routines are a lot of work.

Since this is a check in I guess I should find out what you've been doing to get back into the school routine, have you found some time to take care of you?  I can sympathize or even take some advice so feel free to share!

I'd LOVE to hear from you!

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