5 RC Drones Your Kid Will Love


5 RC Drones Your Kid Will Love

A few years back, RC drones were virtually unheard of. Today, they’re all the rage…especially among kids. In this article, we’re going to show you 6 awesome drones that your kid will love.

#1: Syma X5C

The first model that we recommend is the Syma X5C. Your kid will have a lot of fun with this drone. Not only does it have a flight time of about 7 minutes, but it also records! Another great “kid-friendly” feature is that the X5C is very lightweight. So, even if your kid crashes the drone, the damage will be minimal. This model costs only around $50, so it’s an excellent model to check out. It’s not the cheapest model on this list, but it’s definitely one of the best for children learning the ropes.

#2: Air Hogs Helix X4

Another great quadcopter for kids is the Air Hogs Helix X4. It’s an excellent model for the simple fact that the body is composed entirely of foam. This makes it virtually impossible to break. When shopping for a kid-friendly quadcopter, you want something that’s easy to control. Fortunately, the Air Hogs Helix X4 comes with beginner-friendly controls that even total newbies can quickly figure out.

#3: Cheerson CX-10

For indoor flying, go with theCheerson CX-10. About the size of a cell phone, this RC drone can safely be flown inside without worrying about your kid breaking anything. Since the drone is so light, even when it crashes, it won’t cause any damage to furniture. The CX-10 has a flight time of about 3-5 minutes and a charging time of about 30-45 minutes. There’s a USB charging cable in the box that will allow your kid to charge the drone via a computer or wall outlet.

#4: Cheerson CX-10C (Camera Version)

Now, if you really want your kid to have some fun, then get them the Cheerson CX-10C. This is basically the same thing as the CX-10, but with a major difference…it has a camera! It’s one of the smallest camera drones in the world. And the best part? It’s only priced around $30. Now you let your kid experience the magic of aerial photography without spending a fortune.

#5: Eachine H8 Mini

The final model that we’re going to recommend is the Eachine H8 Mini. The reason we like this one is because it comes with a “return-to-home” function. Basically, this function allows the drone to return to its original takeoff location at the push of a button. If your kid happens to lose sight of their drone, all they need to do is press the button on their transmitter and watch it fly right back to them.

Final Tips

Here are some final tips to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Don’t Overspend: We’ll admit- quadcopters can be expensive. Since this is probably your kid’s first drone, we don’t recommend spending more than $40 or $50. Buy something cheaper and allow them to hone their skills first.
  • Go with a Foam Body: Drones that have a foam body- like the Air Hogs Helix X4- are almost always better since they are very difficult to break. Even crashing them into pavement probably won’t break them.
  • Explain the Rules: It’s imperative that your child understands a few basic rules to fly. First, they shouldn’t fly over people. Second, as tempting as it looks, they shouldn’t spy on their neighbors!

Drones are becoming increasingly popular year by year. By 2018, the consumer drone industry will be worth around 20 billion dollars! So, parents, isn’t it about time that your kids get part of the action too?


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