5 Old-Fashioned Ways to Entertain Kids


In an era where video games, tablets, and cell phones are always an arm’s length away, parents seem to have forgotten the simple joys of old-fashioned play.  You can remember the times where kids would lay on their backs and roll down a grassy hill, trade secrets with tin can telephones, laugh their hearts out as the losing team in a game of tug-of-war and topple down like dominoes?!  I miss those days.

5 Old Fashioned Ways to Entertain Kids

Not only were old fashion games fun they also helped with child development and gave families a great way to bond.  Instead of relying on electronic gadgets to keep your child entertained while at home try these five old-fashioned ways to entertain the kids.

1. Treasure Hunts

The great thing about a treasure hunt is that it can be played both indoors and outside. You could include obstacles such as jumping ropes, climbing a low-branched tree, crawling through small spaces, or completing fun challenges in order to retrieve treasures.

2. Bike Racing

The thrill of a bike race is guaranteed to get your kid outside and away from computers, video games, and the TV.  Just make sure to arm your kid with safety gear and a helmet to ensure their safety.

3. Acting

When faced with a boring afternoon at home, acting would make a great pastime and will enhance your child’s imagination. From acting out a favorite book or play, to putting on a magic show, to performing a puppet show the options are endless.

4. Cooking

Kids love acting as grownups and will jump at the opportunity to do some actual cooking. The simple act of mixing ingredients and setting out the dinner plates is fun to a young child. Not only is it great entertainment but it is a perfect bonding opportunity to teach your children nutrition, numbers, fractions and basic life skills.

5. Indoor Picnics

Break away from the normal everyday activities and eat on the floor!  Lay down a tablecloth or blanket and some pillows with enough space for everyone to sit down and enjoy their meal together.  It is the perfect treat for everyone and you get to break the dinner table rules!

Keeping kids amused is not always easy and while electronics seem to be within arms reach why not share some old-fashioned fun with them.  I hope these five ideas give you some new ways to entertain the kids.

What was your favorite pastime as a kid?

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