4 Creative Toys That Help Children Learn While They Play


Kids often have so many toys that it can be hard to know what to get for them. Something that helps them learn or show off their creative side is becoming increasingly desirable when trying to pick the perfect gift. They’re much more willing to learn when it just feels like playtime. These 4 toys are great choices for simultaneous playtime and learning time.

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Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are classic toys for young children. They teach critical thinking skills and coordination when used without any assistance. With the guidance of an adult or older child, these toys can also be used to teach more concepts such as shapes and colors. It’s a gift that’s great for babies but can easily remain useful into the toddler or even early school years.

Big Building Blocks

Children’s big building blocks are a fun spin on a classic gift. The larger size makes it easy for small children to coordinate. Plus, they’re also able to build structures that are closer to being life-size which can be quite encouraging for a lot of kids. These big building blocks can help stimulate creativity, promote relaxation, build confidence, increase their ability to focus, and more.

Cash Register and Money

Kids love to play pretend with cash registers and toy money. Most children love to pretend they have their own store whether they’re pretending to sell toys, pets, food, or something else altogether. This sweet game can really help them get ahead in life with the assistance of a toy cash register. While they play, they’re also practicing valuable life skills such as counting, math, and money management.


Toy kitchens have been stereotypically classified as being for girls but all children can benefit from this fun addition to their playroom. Kids pretend to cook all kinds of things in their toy kitchen but it’s easy to expand upon that. When playing in the toy kitchen with children, you can teach them about basic kitchen safety and cooking techniques. Build a love for the play kitchen that will later translate to loving to assist in the real one once they’re ready.

Toys for children can be an educational experience if you allow it to be. A lot of creative toys help kids to learn while also providing valuable opportunities to help kids learn. These opportunities increase with the guidance of an adult or older child to help teach the little ones.

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