4 Classic Toys to Get Your Son This Year


Toys are very important for a child’s growth, development and imagination. There are many toys that are designed for girls and some are exclusively made for boys. Here is a list of 4 classic toys to get your son this year for Christmas. These traditional playthings will always be a big hit with boys.

Awesome Gift Ideas for Children Who Love Lego


Legos were created in 1932 and they continue to be one of the greatest toys of all time. While Legos are for boys and girls; many older guys fondly remember getting Legos as little boys. Lego’s allow young tots to build, create and to utilize their imagination in different ways. They often build all sorts of things with Lego blocks. Cars, houses, buildings and even dinosaurs are some of the things that boys build with Legos. There are Lego theme sets in modern times and they help to make Christmas special for any boy fortunate enough to get a set.

Transformers Toys

Do some research to find some of the original Transformers g1 toys. These Transformer action figures were the first Transformer robot line ever created. The original Optimus Prime, Megatron, Star Scream and Bumble Bee are among favorite toys that boys have enjoyed in the past for Christmas. The Transformers films from the 2000’s and 2010s have helped to keep the Transformers legacy alive. Many boys appreciate a first-generation Transformer Toy for Christmas.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage

Army Men

Army men are plastic figures of soldiers from the past and today. These hardened plastic warriors are formed in specific shapes depicting combat sequences. Young kids use them to fight their own special wars and battles. Parents, army men sets are not that expensive and boys will love this toy because he can fight battles and defeat enemies that he has imagined.

Hot Wheels

Hot wheels are classic toy cars that have been around since the late 60’s. These toy cars are now a favorite plaything for many boys. They love to use their imagination and pretend like they're driving around. There are thousand of Hot Wheels cars and all boys would be thrilled to get one as a gift.

Each of these toys were favorite Christmas gifts for boys in the past. You can still buy these toys at stores or online. While video games and applications are the “playthings” in modern times; these toys continue to capture’s young boy’s imagination from each generation.

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