4 Tips to Get Your Bathroom Ready for Game Day


It is hard to believe Super Bowl LI is only days away! It feels like my to-do list keeps growing every day with party prep.  Between the food, drinks, and commercials there isn’t much time to be cleaning up messes and restocking the bathroom.  Make your list now, so you only have to do one stop at the store before Sunday!

Get Your Bathroom Ready for Game Day

Is Your Bathroom Game Day Ready?

For game day other than the tv area the bathroom has to see the most guest traffic, and we don’t want anyone missing halftime because they couldn’t find the extra toilet paper.  After I do the big bathroom clean, let’s take a look at how I’m getting my bathroom ready for game day.

Tip 1 – Stock up on toilet paper

Did you know the amount of water flushed on average during halftime is equivalent to seven minutes of water flowing over Niagara Falls?  Now is the time to stock up on toilet paper for game day, my favorites are the mega rolls because one is equal to four regular rolls.  You can choose between Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll and Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll.

How do you decide between them?  It all depends if you want cushiony, soft toilet paper or a strong and confident clean.  Either way, the mega rolls offer more convenience, value and you have to change the rolls less!

Tip 2 – Organize the sink area

I like to use the bathroom like I normally would to do a quick run through of basic supplies that might be needed.  Think soap, hand towels and even face clothes; having a few extra available during game day is a must!  I also like to have a soft pack of Puffs Plus Lotion in the bathroom because in the winter months most people have the sniffles.

Tip 3 – The revolving door

Halftime bathroom breaks release more odor molecules in the air than there are blades of grass on every football field in America combined!  So between the revolving door with all the food and beverages, I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable with the odor. Febreze is my go to air freshener whether you want to be whisked away to a Hawaiian Island or love the fresh, clean scent.  Do yourself, and your guest a solid and pick up some Febreze before the big game.

Tip 4 – The little details

Is your team down by two touchdowns or maybe the food was full of onions, either way, a few extra amenities in the bathroom might help.  My guest bathroom basket includes:

  • Travel Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Floss Sticks
  • Feminine Products
  • Hairspray
  • Gum
  • Lotion

I always like to anticipate a problem because I never want guests feeling uncomfortable for asking or simply going without and having a bad afternoon.  Keeping a few extra supplies in the guest bathroom is easy, and most of them can be found at your local dollar store so that they won’t break the bank.

Don’t forget to show some love to the real MVP of the night: The Bathroom!

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I received compensation from Charmin for this post, but all the opinions are my own!

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