5 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts


One of the best things about fall besides the weather cool down, is doing crafts! For some reason it just seems like there are so many fun and creative fall crafts. Whether you are decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving or just the fall season there are a ton of crafts you can do. This is a great time to get the kids involved and make it a family activity.

5 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts

Fall crafts are normally affordable and very easy to do. Of course you can get extremely crafty and spend lots of money but it really isn't necessary. Some of the most popular fall crafts call for leaves! The good news is most of us have a ton of leaves right in our yard.

5 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts

Wall Art: Take an old picture frame or make your own from sticks around your yard, then insert some leaves into the frame. You can make several of these for a complete wall display.

Popsicle Stick Crafts: you can purchase large quantities of popsicle sticks inexpensively.  Combine them with some paint, glue and pipe cleaners will keep the kids busy for hours.

Window Decor: creating a fall scene on the window is simple!  Just get the supplies for the kids and let them have fun and get creative.  You never know they might like it so much they create one for every season.

Glitter Candle Holders:  as the weather starts getting cooler backyard fire pits become more popular.  Let the kids have some fun and create glitter candle holders to light up the backyard.  These can easily be made with supplies you have on hand.

3D Tree Art: grab some twigs, glue and tissue paper then let the kids design their favorite tree art.  The kids loved being able to do this on their own and letting their imaginations take over.


What is your favorite fall craft?

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