Leaf Rubbing Wall Art – Kids Craft


Autumn has finally arrived and we absolutely love going for walks and checking out all the wonderful colors of the changing leaves. I incorporated a walk and a craft project and the end result was a beautiful work of art! There is one little thing that you will need to do before you get started on the project and that is to find a collage picture frame. I found one on sale at my local Dollar General but if you look around you just may have an extra one hanging around in your basement. The reason we are checking on this first is you need to measure the openings to see how big the leaves that you collect on your walk need to be.

 leaf rubbing wall art kids craft

Leaf Rubbing Wall Art – Kids Craft

After you measure your openings on your collage it is time to have a little fun! Grab up your children and grab a bag or two and head out for a fun walk. Make sure you talk about the changing of the seasons and see just how many different colors of leaves you can find. If you have a young child they may not understand that you need leaves small enough to fit in the openings so make sure you help them find some leaves. You may come home with a million leaves and that is ok. I'm sure you will find enough out of the bunch to make your own leaf rubbing wall art.

What you will need

  • leaves (all shapes colors and sizes)
  • photo frame collage
  • ruler
  • white paper
  • tape
  • old crayons (new are fine also if you don't mind having the outside paper torn off your new crayons)

Leaf Rubbing Wall Art Directions

1) As I told you above the first part of this project involves finding out what size leaves you need to find that will fit onto the collage openings and figuring out how many leaves you will need for your art project. Hold hands with your child and examine leaves, crunch them up as you walk and enjoy yourself. 🙂

leaf rubbing wall art step 1

2) Take your ruler and measure the openings on the frames and cut rectangles out of the white paper to fit inside of the frames in the collage.

3) Once you have the squares cut out it's time to start making some art. You will need to take the paper off the crayons first then place a leaf under one of your paper squares. Turn your crayon onto it's side and rub over the top of the white paper. You should begin to see the outline of the leaf showing through on the paper. Keep rubbing until you get the look you are looking for. We used different colors for each square on our project but let you child choose how they want it to look.

4) Once you have all of your leaf rubbings complete, take the paper squares and place them inside the openings on the collage. You may need to tape the papers into place so they do not slip around.

leaf rubbing wall art step 4

5) Hang your leaf rubbing wall art on the wall in your home and display it proudly! Not only do you have a work of art but every time you look at it you will remember how much fun you and your child had making it.

 Almost time to start on some winter crafts!

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