DIY Stained Glass Window Art – #FallCraft


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Remember last week's craft, DIY At Home 3D Tree Art for The First Day of Fall?  We have another fun one for you since Fall is our favorite time of the year around our house and we love to decorate in all the beautiful colors of the season. We pulled out our tissue paper and see what we could come up with. We talked about how the weather changes and the leaves start changing colors and decided that a beautiful fall tree would look great next to our dining room table.

I found out, by scouring the internet that you can use a glue stick to glue tissue paper to your window and when you are done it will clean right up.

DIY Stained Glass Window Art - #FallCraft

Seriously I'm not joking.  All you need to do is pull off the tissue paper when you are ready to remove it and wash the window and the glue comes right off. I tested a small area first to make sure that I would have no problems and it was true! It came off with no problems at all even after it had dried onto the window. You will want to test your windows to just to be on the safe side!  I don't want any hate mail ;).

We decided that we would try making a beautiful fall tree with the leaves starting to fall off just like they are starting to do outside. We started gathering up our supplies and talking over how we would make the tree and what colors we wanted to use. We had a great time going through the tissue paper and got everything ready to go. Of course I had to pull out my camera so we could take some pictures of our fabulous work in progress because I always like to share photos and a “how to” on all our projects. That way you can make them at home with your child too.

DIY Stained Glass Window Art – #FallCraft


You probably have most of these supplies on hand, if you don't your local dollar store should have all the supplies, I've also linked to a few we love on Amazon:

DIY Stained Glass Window Art Instructions

We started off by taping both pieces of cardstock together to make the tree trunk. Make sure to use the tape on the back of your tree trunk because you won't want it messing up your view of the beautiful tree. Then we took a marker and again used the back of the cardstock to draw the shape of the tree. I let my daughter do the drawing of the tree because she does a lot better job than I do.

DIY Stained Glass Window Art step 1


Once you are done with that, take your scissors and cut the tree out. Then take your glue stick and glue the tree truck on the window.

Now it's time to make your leaves. It's much easier to use multiple sheets of paper and fold it up so that you can cut multiple leaves out at the same time. Cut out around 30-50 leaves depending on the size of your window. Don't worry too much, if you don't cut enough now you can cut more later.

DIY Stained Glass Window Art step 2


After you get your leaves cut out you need to take a black marker and draw the veins of the leaves. Make sure you have a thick piece of paper under your leaves as your drawing them or your marker will go through the tissue paper and make marks all over your work surface and that is never good. The whole family decided to take part in the drawing of the veins because it does take a while to get all of them drawn on.

Now comes the fun part! It's time to make the stained glass tree!

stained glass window art

All you need to do is carefully glide the glue stick on the back of the leaves and place them around the tree. Be very careful because the tissue paper is very thin and if you push to hard on the glue stick you will rip right through the paper (don't worry to much because you can always just make more). 🙂

Now it's time to sit back and drink a cup of apple cider with your kids and admire their beautiful piece of artwork! You can have a whole discussion about the changing of the seasons and maybe take a little walk and see how your little masterpiece looks like from the outside of the house.

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