The Top 10 Toys and Games That Never Go Out of Style


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Top 10 toys/games that never go out of style
Need some gift ideas? Here are 10 toys/games that never go out of style:
1. LEGO – a favorite of kids young and old.  You can get everything from Minecraft themed LEGO to City and even LEGO Friends, a girl-centered set.
2. Play-Doh – whether you make your own or purchase it Play-doh is a great way to get the kids playing with their hands and using their imaginations.
3. Etch A Sketch – the old-school iPad! I remember playing with this for hours and I have a feeling that kids will do the same now.
4. View-Master – I am lucky enough to remember playing with an original view master and Disney slides.  It was always neat to watch the story unfold in front of your eyes, so simple yet entertaining.
5. The Slinky – everyone loves a slinky! Even Ace Ventura, who remembers that move series?!
6. Rubiks Cube – to this day I still can't solve the rubiks cube.  Luckily there are a few fun games that incoperate the Rubiks cube colors and make a whole new challenge out of the old favorite.
7. Jenga – from playing in the yard, creating your own challenges and the never fail original version this game is great for fun at all ages.
8. Marbles – I never did understand how to actually play marbles but I did love collecting them!  
9. Hula Hoop – another fun activity for those young and old! See how long you can keep the hoop going or who has the best trick.  The hula hoop is always a lot of fun at any age.
10. Twister – I have to admit that we've had a couple epic battles back in my teen days when I was flexible! Now I don't think I could pull off having my hand and foot on different colors, lol.  An easy game for any age, especially the younger kids who are super flexible.
What would you add to the list?


  1. Funny thing is that most of the toys that are produced nowadays don’t have the life of the toys that were produced a few decades back. Most of the toys we used like Barbie, Rubik’s cube, LEGO were created so long back. And, they are still being used.

  2. Jenga will always my family’s favorite all-time game! I love it when there’s an electricity interruption and we have no choice but to entertain ourselves offline. Jenga will always be our bestfriend during these times.

  3. Thanks for these collections. Here are a lot of my son’s love, such as LEGO, Play-Doh, Rubiks Cube, Jenga… These classic toys really bring fun to children’s childhood.

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