A Wife’s Guide to NASCAR – Fontana Auto Club 400


Since we were driving during the NASCAR race last week we listened in on SiriusXM and were able to listen to most of the race.  I find it entertaining that you can literally stay up to date with the NASCAR race from almost anywhere, they really are all about the fans!  So the Bristol race last week has sparked the question if more tracks like that should be built since the race was pretty amazing, even if there was an accidental caution at the end.  This week I'm bringing you all the fun and tips for Fontana Auto Club 400!

A Wife's Guide to NASCAR Fontana Auto Club 400

A Wife’s Guide to NASCAR – Fontana Auto Club 400

I will stop wasting your time and get down to the details!  The three drivers to watch this week, a few race notes and of course a little about the Fontana track.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Track – Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

Race – Auto Club 400

Date – March 23, 2014

So what does the 400 stand for in the Fontana Auto Club 400?

The race consists of 200 laps on a 2 mile D-shaped oval for a total of 400 miles!  The new qualifying method at this race is the same as in Las Vegas and has three qualifying rounds:

  • 25 min – 1st round with all cars
  • 5 min – break
  • 10 min – 2nd round comprised of the fastest 24 cars
  • 5 min – break
  • 5 min – 3rd round comprised of the fastest 12 cars

Who won the pole position (the first car in the starting lineup)?

#20 Matt Kenseth – @mattkenseth (I also talked about him for the Vegas Kobalt race!)

  • Wife is expecting third girl and Matt with have Jeff Burton as a standby driver this weekend
  • 8th in the standings

Who won the 2013 Fontana race?

#18 Kyle Busch – @kylebusch and wife is @samanthabusch

  • Nicknamed “Rowdy” for his aggressive driving.
  • As far as fans go Kyle is the driver people either love or hate.  Every race I have seen when he is announced fans are either booing or cheering but all of them are making noise.
  • Currently 14th in points this year with only one top 10.  Expect Kyle’s year to get better
  • Starting 14th
  • Check out his wife Samantha's blog!

Who’s coming from a win at the Bristol Food City 500?

#99 Carl Edwards find him on Facebook (I talked more about him at the Phoenix race)

  • 3rd in standings 11 points back on leader Keslowski
  • If you missed the end of last week’s race due to the five hour rain delay, Carl was cruising to a victory with a 4 second lead with a couple laps left when the caution lights came on.  There was confusion as to why there was a caution then it began to rain again.  Nascar ended calling the race and finishing under yellow.  Later NASCAR said the caution came on inadvertently from an official leaning on a manual override switch.
  • Starting 9th

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A few race notes:

  • For comparison last week’s track was .533 miles and had a seating capacity of 160,000 this week’s race is a 2 mile track and only has a capacity of 84,000.
  • Three reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champions have gone on to win at Auto Club Speedway the following season: Tony Stewart (2012) starting 10th, Jeff Gordon (1999) starting 6th and Jimmie Johnson starting 3rd- the only one to do it multiple times (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010).
  • Two drivers have won and Auto Club Speedway race and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship in the same season: Jeff Gordon (1997) and Jimmie Johnson (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010).(NASCAR)(3-18-2014)
  • #24 Jeff Gordon has finished in the top 10 in the first four races this season, the best start of his career
  • #2 Brad Keslowski starting second.  He has been starting in the front row in all the races this year except Daytona

As always thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed my Wife’s Guide to NASCAR!


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