Get Ready for an Adrenaline Rush with DriveVegas!


One things I love is an adrenaline rush!  Whether I'm on a roller coaster, behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger Hellcat or skydiving I love the rush.  On my bucket list I had drive a car at top speed and while I was able to do that with Dodge I had never been in a race car until DriveVegas!


I can't tell you how exciting it was getting up and ready in the morning and heading out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Arriving through the gate you could hear the rumble of the cars as they started up and made their way around the oval.  What a thrill just watching it, I knew I was ready to hop in the passenger seat and go for a spin!

Richard Petty Driving Experience

We did a little crash course in the main Richard Petty Driving Experience room and then headed out to the track where we were fitted with a fire suit and helmet ready to cruise up to 160 MPH with over 600 horsepower.

Standing in line and watching the cars pull in, load a passenger and race out added to the thrill of the experience.  All I wanted to do was jump up and down, it was like being a kid in a candy shop, the excitement and adrenaline take over and before you know it you're lost in the moment.

Geared up for DriveVegas

Then you realize you're first in line and they pull you towards the car, put on the neck brace you slide into the car through the window having a Duke's of Hazzard flashback, put on your 5 point harness and before you know it the driver is in third gear and you hit the slope.  The race track is a blur before your eyes and before you know it you're headed into the corner and for a moment you wonder if the driver will make the left corner safely and just like that you're headed around for another lap.

cars line up and ready to go

It is hard to believe how quickly a car can make it around a 1.5-mile super speedway, then you get the notion that maybe with enough practice you could be behind the wheel!  Challenge accepted!  Some of the other riders said that they would love to see a NASCAR race now but couldn't imagine driving at a speed that fast.

From the camera in the car during my ride along!

The Drive Vegas experience was amazing, the staff are efficient and friendly with safety being an extremely high priority.  I love how you can purchase the video and photos at the end to remember your drive, it is pretty neat to see it in action.  Next time we're in Las Vegas we'll be headed to the speedway to try out another spin with DriveVegas at Richard Petty Driving Experience!

What would be your ultimate adrenaline experience?

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  1. I was just in Vegas & didn’t even know this existed! That would’ve been such a cool experience. Glad you got to try it & have the video of it to remember.

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